Treatment of obesity of the liver: diet and folk remediesAbout obesity of the liver can be said, when fat is 10-15% of its total mass. This pathology in many cases leads to very serious consequences.

Patients diagnosed with "fatty hepatosis" must pay attention to the treatment of this ailment with folk remedies.

Symptoms of liver obesity

So, fatty hepatosis or, as it is also called,fatty degeneration of the liver sometimes develops completely unnoticed, without particularly pronounced symptoms. But in other cases, obesity of the liver is indicated by such symptoms:


Increased body temperature;

Itching itch;

Heaviness and pain in the right side;

Morning sickness;

Jaundice of the skin and eyes.

If you have these signs, you should immediately contact your doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis and identify the extent of obesity.

How to treat obesity of the liver with folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies in mostof cases brings quick and effective results. In general, there are a large number of recipes that completely relieve this disease. Here are a few proven methods how to treat obesity at home liver:

Treatment of obesity of the liver: diet and folk remedies

1. Mix two tablespoons of milk thistle and dandelion roots. It is best if these plants are pre-ground. In the same mixture add 1 tablespoon chopped leaves of nettle, birch and goldenrod. Prepared herbal collection pour a glass of boiling water and insist for 15 minutes. To drink two glasses of this infusion is necessary throughout the day. The course of treatment is 1 month.

2. Wash a small pumpkin and cut off the top. Seeds of fruit carefully pull out with a spoon. Then pour the light honey into the cooked pumpkin and close it with a cut top. For two weeks, clean the pumpkin in a dark and cool place, then pour the medicinal honey into the jar. It is recommended to take as a cure for obesity liver three times a day (morning, lunch, evening).

3. Mix freshly squeezed carrot juice with paired (preferably) milk (1: 1). The milk temperature should be at least 70 ° C. Every day for a month on an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of this milk.

4. Mix in equal amounts cumin, yarrow, fennel, bitter wormwood and mint. One tablespoon of this collection pour a glass of boiling water and soak in a water bath for about 15 minutes. After which the broth cool, strain and take before meals 3 times a day for half a cup.

Treatment of obesity of the liver: diet and folk remedies

In general, it must be said that when treating the obesity of the liver both medically and by folk methods, one should also eat properly and follow a special diet.

Therapeutic diet: how to eat with obesity of the liver

First of all, we note that the diet for obesitythe liver must necessarily be balanced and saturated with proteins. The basis of nutrition for obesity of the liver, as well as for the prevention of this disease, are:

Light soups that can be cooked ason milk, so on vegetable and cereal broth. In general, any vegetarian soup is great for treating patients with fatty hepatosis; In the diet should necessarily be boiled, but low-fat meat;

You can also eat lean fish, but it is desirablesea ​​and in boiled or steamed form; Eat no more than 1 egg per day; Daily take such fermented milk products as kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc .;

Bread white and black there is very little and completely give up the baking!

Naturally, the causes of liver obesity are enoughare various, that's why it is recommended to seek professional help before starting treatment of this disease, and also to create the right diet!

Author: Katerina Sergeenko

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