Diet with increased acidity of the stomach

Increased acidity of the stomach: symptoms

To the increased acidity of the stomach carrya condition in which the pH meter showed that the specific gravity of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is more than 0.5%. With such indicators, the patient often experiences stomach pain, cutting or burning. Heartburn, eructation and heaviness in the abdomen are his constant companions. And when detecting germs Helicobacter pylori, there may be more severe consequences, such as erosion of the mucosa, which threatens to develop into an ulcer. What to do with increased acidity of the stomach, what to take and what to eat, should determine the doctor after the survey. Then, based on the results of the tests, a diet menu is prepared together with the attending physician.

Causes of increased acidity of the stomach

The causes of this disease are many,but the main - the scourge of our time - irregular eating and snacking unhealthy food. Also, a number of medications cause an increase in hydrochloric acid, such as aspirin, diclofenac, paracetamol and others. Harmful habits and stresses are the correct indicators of possible health problems in general, and of the stomach in particular. And the above-mentioned microbes helikobakter pylori, transmitted with saliva through kisses and the use of a single dish with a sick person, poison the body with the products of its vital activity and increase acidity.

Diet with increased acidity of the stomach

High acidity of the stomach treatment

Diet with increased acidity excludes foods that irritate the mucous membrane:

  • grilled meat;

  • fatty soups;

  • Marinades and all kinds of pickles and smoked products;

  • carbonated drinks;

  • sharp spices;

  • raw vegetables;

  • black bread.

Diet with increased acidity of the stomach

Recommended nutrition with increasedacidity is aimed at reducing it. Use should be products processed thermally by the method of cooking or steaming with a minimum fat content. Such dishes will be softer and more comfortable for digestion, soothe the secretion of the stomach. It is also worth reducing the amount of salt added to food. And monitor the temperature, do not eat hot foods, cool everything down to 50 degrees. Daily in the menu should be a porridge of a viscous consistency, they envelop the mucous of the stomach. White bread is consumed in the form of biscuits. Here are some possible dishes:

  • Soups based on lean soft broth with the addition of oatmeal or rice;

  • boiled or stewed fish, chicken;

  • well boiled viscous cereal;

  • various soufflé meat;

  • soft-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs;

  • soft types of low-fat cheeses;

  • kissel;

  • alkaline mineral water.

It is good to include in the diet funds for loweringacidity from folk medicine. This includes potato juice. Freshly squeezed potato juice take ½ cup an hour before meals on an empty stomach. You can make a decoction of dried chamomile, sporish, St. John's wort and mint. One tablespoon pour a liter of boiled water, drink ½ cup several times a day.

Nutrition with increased acidity of the stomach shouldbe strictly scheduled, at certain times, at least four times a day. Drink beverages, teas after meals is recommended after 20 minutes and in no case drink with food. Naturally, a diet with increased acidity of the stomach excludes the use of fast food, alcohol, energy drinks and cigarette smoking.

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