Diet with gastritis of the stomach: what you can eat and what you can not

One of the main causes of gastritisthe opinion of doctors is the non-observance of the diet, In addition, the passion for over-hot or hot food, excessive love of alcohol, tea and coffee, hijacking dry, excessive starvation, prolonged use of drugs is the right path to the progression of the disease.

What kind of diet is needed for stomach gastritis?

Diet with gastritis of the stomach: what you can eat and what you can not

We are all well aware that gastritis occurs withhigh and low acidity, but in either case, eating should be systematic - at least 5 times a day - and in a small amount - 300-400 grams at a time. Eat slowly, thoroughly chewing, trying to eat rich foods for vitamins B, C and E, which contain protein. With increased acidity, preference should be given to food, which contributes to the production of gastric juice, and in another case, on the contrary - to flatly refuse such a meal. Observing a gastritis diet, you can normalize the digestive process, normalize the secretory function of the stomach, reduce inflammation and prevent the development of ulcers.

What can you eat with gastritis?

Diet with gastritis of the stomach: what you can eat and what you can not

The diet with gastritis is quite diverse, but,Of course, something must be tackled in some ways, yet health is more important. Give preference to light foods: mashed soups, dressed with butter, porridge, boiled or steamed vegetables, meat and fish, soft-boiled eggs, steam omelet, dry liver, berry mousse and kissels, juices. Fruits are better for eating baked without peel and bones to facilitate digestion. With gastritis with high acidity, you can drink milk, as it helps neutralize hydrochloric acid in the stomach. With a light form - in small quantities you can drink vodka and cognac, but only with the permission of the doctor.

With the ease of calculating your diet, you can use the already prepared diet for number 1, which can be found on the Internet. There is clearly and clearly described the diet under gastritis.

Important advice for your health: do not regret money and buy a multivark or a steamer. Believe me, it will be a pleasure to cook. In the book of recipes you will find an excellent menu with examples and step-by-step description of the process of preparing tasty and healthy dishes.

What can not be done?I eat with gastritis

Diet with gastritis of the stomach: what you can eat and what you can not

Unfortunately, from alcohol, fried, hot,fatty, salty it is necessary to refuse. Say "no" to your favorite spices, fresh pastries, preserves and smoked products. Categorically it is impossible to eat with gastritis ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard. Also, it is necessary to remove from the diet mushrooms, onions, garlic, pickled vegetables, horseradish, radish. Limit yourself in taking beans (peas, beans), as well as raw fruits and vegetables. It is not advisable to eat cakes, cakes with oily or other fat cream - this will inevitably lead to an exacerbation of gastritis. In drinks, too, there are some limitations: about wine, beer, carbonated water and kvass will have to be forgotten.

Prolonged and intensive use of drugs can also provoke the disease, so try not to abuse tablets.

In any case, do not self-medicate, soas it will not lead to anything good. Ask for help from specialists, only a nutritionist will put a correct diagnosis and help you make up your daily diet correctly.

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