How correctly to treat a cold?
Cold is for some reason considered an easy disease. So if the temperature does not jump to forty, most of us go to work. But is it worth it to be careless about colds?

Most often the cold catches us in the autumn-winter-spring season, when it is snow, thenrain, then the piercing wind simply weaken our body. If even on the third day of the disease you still have a runny nose, a sore throat, fever, sore ears or heart - call a doctor, it's not a cold anymore.

How do we usually cure colds? Let's say frankly - no way. The majority prefers to transfer this disease on their feet, and if they take a sick man, then there will always be a lot of extremely urgent cases at home. This approach to treating colds (read no treatment) is threatening with serious complications. But if you comply with bed rest and from the first days to treat a cold properly, then for two days the disease can be cured.

When we get sick with a cold, then we go to the assault pharmacies and we simply purchase an annual supply of variousmedicines. Meanwhile, there is a risk of unforeseen interaction of medications with each other. If you take 2 drugs, then this risk is 10%, if 3 - 50%, and if more than five drugs - 90%. In addition, most modern-day remove the symptoms of the disease, but do not treat the cause.

Always read the instructions, attached to the medicinal product. The instructions always detail the purpose of the drug, its dosage, the duration of the course of treatment, possible side effects and contraindications. Therefore, do not be lazy to read the instructions of even such seemingly innocuous tools as aspirin and analgin. So, these drugs are contraindicated to asthmatics, since they can cause bronchospasm.

Never do not prescribe antibiotics yourself. If you take antibiotics uncontrollably and withoutspecial needs, the strains of pathogens will become resistant to them, and in case of actual necessity, antibiotics will be powerless. Antibiotics should appoint a doctor!

Treatment folk remedies really can help. For example, if you gargle with a tincture of calendula or chamomile. But if you, for example, are allergic to pollen, then the pain in the throat from these remedies can only increase.

To cure a runny nose, it is useful to wash the nose water with sea salt or water with conventionalsalt and iodine, as well as mineral water. Rinsing your nose, do not tilt your head, but keep it straight, so that the liquid freely poured from your nose. For the treatment of sore throat, rinse the throat regularly with a solution of furacilin, manganese. Only rinse is necessary every half hour, otherwise there will be no effect. The rinse solution should be warm to keep the throat mucous.

For the treatment of a common cold good aloe juice. It is enough to bury your nose with a few drops of the juice of this plant. The procedure is not a pleasant one, but it helps - a fact!

With a cold and sore throat useful inhalation. Breathe over the steam of broths from eucalyptus, sage,chamomile, potato. For inhalation, you can use a special device, an inhaler, or you can use the old grandfather's method. Lean over a container with a hot broth and cover with a blanket or a veil with a head. Before inhalation do not forget to make sure there is no allergy to the components of the decoction.

Do not forget for more colds drink. The liquid will help the body to cope with the infection more quickly. Water helps cleanse blood and remove harmful substances from the body. The best drink during a cold is warm tea and berry fruit.

Treat the cold properly and take care of your health!

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