Advice to housewivesYoung housewives often have a hard time. Immediately after the wedding or the beginning of an independent life, a lot of small and large domestic problems are falling on the girl, with whom it is not easy to cope with unaccustomed ones. Our advice to the housewives will help to successfully manage the housekeeping.

Let's first of all talk about the kitchen, because cooking and cleaning the kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. We divided the councils of the housewives into two parts: cooking and cleaning. In the first part there will be no ready-made recipes, we will simply give general recommendations on the preparation of different products. And the second part of the advice to the housewives will be devoted to the secrets of cleaning the kitchen without household chemicals.

Councils mistresses. Cooking

  • To dumplings or vareniki not stick together, add a little vegetable oil in the water and periodically stir them with a noise.

  • To the meat was juicy, it is salted only at the end of cooking. When cooking, the meat is put in cold water, if you want to get a good broth, and in boiling - if you need juicy boiled meat.

  • When frying, the products are put on a heated frying pan with hot oil, otherwise they will stick. You can not pour a cold oil in the process of frying - it will chad.

  • The slower the soup is brewed and the smaller its volume, the more delicious it will be. Boil soup is better in a pan with thick walls.

  • Porridge is cooked in a closed saucepan, without opening the lid and stirring. In fact, the porridge is brewed by steam.

  • All legumes before cooking should be soaked, otherwise they will cook for a very long time. Salt them only at the end of cooking.

  • If you make a dolly on distilled water, it will be smooth and dense. A clay cooked on mineral water - loose and airy.

  • Meat is usually breaded in vegetable oil, a loaf is in milk, and black bread is in oil. Meat cutlets and fish are better for panning in flour.

  • To make the yeast dough come up quicker, stick a few cocktail tubes into it. It will not stick to your hands if you grease them with vegetable oil.

  • Lightly burnt pastries can be saved if you cool it, and then gently scrape off the burnt area with a small grater.

  • In mashed potatoes you can add only warm milk, from cold milk it gets an unpleasant grayish shade.

Councils mistresses. Cleaning the kitchen

  • Scale in the dishes can be removed with a solutionDrinking soda (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water), acetic essence (0.5 tablespoons per liter of water) or water with a slice of lemon. The solution is brought to a boil, boiled for a while, and then insisted. After this, the scum is easy to remove. But then do not forget to thoroughly wash the dishes!

  • In order for the window to sparkle, wash it with water with the addition of starch. The frozen window can be cleaned with a solution of table salt. Matt glasses are washed with hot water with the addition of vinegar.

  • Rust can be removed with hydrogen peroxide, mixed with 10% ammonia. Products made of copper are well cleaned with raw potatoes.

  • If the new broom is lowered into hot salted water or soaked in salt water for 2-3 hours, it will last you longer.

  • The stains on the wallpaper can be wiped off with a clean dry rag or clerical eraser. To remove greasy spots use magnesia powder or gasoline.

  • Linoleum is well washed with warm water with 60% household soap, parquet - only with cool water, and the wooden floors are cleaned with a mixture of river sand and freshly lime (3: 1).

  • To avoid an unpleasant smell in the cabinets,place natural ground coffee there. To get rid of the specific odor breadmaker can be washed by a solution of vinegar. To prevent an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator, it is washed with a solution of vinegar or baking soda, rubbed and aired.

  • To remove the burning on the burners, burn them on high heat. Do not forget to open the window!

  • To rid the knife of the smell of fish, wipe it with potato or carrots. You can also use a rag moistened with vinegar or vegetable oil. The same helps with the onion smell.

  • To make kitchen towels easier to wash, soak them before washing in warm water, after adding a little vinegar into it.

Of course, all these advice to the landlady are just the tip of the iceberg. But at first they will help the young mistress not to get lost and successfully manage the household.

Advice to housewives

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