How to teach the dog to the place?If you are a beginner dog breeder, you probably already thought, how would accustom the dog to the place. After all, this skill is needed not only at exhibitions or competitions, but also in ordinary, everyday life.

The distant ancestors of dogs lived in flocks and ourModern Balls and Bobik feel themselves in the host family, as in a certain pack. The owner is the leader, therefore the dog, as a member of the pack, needs to know its place. To accustom a dog to a place it is possible by means of special commands and gestures, encouragement.

Begin training puppy need from the first dayshis stay in the master's house. The place of the dog is the place where there is a special rug for it, which is intended for rest or temporary stay of the dog at the time of harvesting, for example.

It is best to accustom the puppy to the place, when he ate and played enough to make it smallerreacted to the smells of food or movement. When you notice that the "tired" puppy starts to "bridge" somewhere for rest, take it in your arms and take it to "place".

Give the command "Place!"And put the puppy on the mat. Then repeat the command and stroke the puppy. If the puppy tries to escape, you should, keeping it on the rug, repeat the command again and stroke the puppy until he calms down. Encourage the puppy: give a treat and say "Good!".

Repeat this exercise if the puppy has risen and fled to another place. To effectively master the skill, repeat the exercise at least 3 times a day.

A dog should know his place not only when she wants to rest, but also when she starts "begging." The same methodology is used for training as described above.

A puppy older should be continued to accustom to the place,but now it should not be taken, but taken to the rug. To do this, you need to call the puppy and move it to its place. Give the "Place!" Command and put the puppy on the mat, stroking it and saying "Ok!". Give the puppy a treat and move away.

When the puppy has lain a little, it needs to be calledto yourself, play with him a little. Then, issue the "Place!" Command. If the puppy does not execute the command, then repeat it in a more severe tone and lead to the place.

If the puppy does not want to follow you, thenuse the leash. At the command, take the puppy on a leash to the place, remove the collar (harness) from it and put it on the rug, repeating the command once more. Encourage the puppy by stroking and delicacy. Next time do not use a leash.

Exercise should be repeated 4-5 times a day, gradually reducing the number of escorts. Then send the puppy to the place unaccompanied.

To teach a dog to sit on a place on the street, according to the gesture of the host, you need to start at the age of 6-8months. Take the puppy on a long leash and put it on command "Lie!". Put in front of the puppy an object that will stand for the place. Once again give the command, move a few steps and turn to the puppy.

After a pause, call the puppy to him andencourage him (stroking, delicacy). Now make such a gesture: the right hand with the palm of your hand, stretch it to the height of the belt in the direction of the place; Lower your hand to the right hip, leaning your body forward slightly and giving the "Place!" command. With your left hand, make a few light (!) Jerks leash and go with the puppy to the place that you marked with the object. Puppy should be skipped forward.

While driving, repeat the command "Location!". When you bring the puppy to the place, lay it down and encourage it. Repeat this exercise with small pauses 2-3 times per walk. If the puppy moves away from the place, repeat the command in a more severe tone. Gradually, the puppy should be taught to execute the "Place!" Command only by gesture.

How to teach the dog to the place?
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