Teams the dog. To lie!
Before starting a dog training team"Lie!", You should know the features of this command. So, for hunting breeds of dogs it is required that in the prone position the head of the dog should be stretched out and lay on the forepaws, touching the tip of the nose with the end of the paws. And for service breeds, this position of the head does not fit, because when the dog's head is lowered, the dog is relaxed and less reactive to what is happening around. Therefore, in the service dog, the head in prone position should be raised. The dog should also lie flat on both hind legs, without falling to one side.

"To lie!"

The command "To lie!" corresponds to the following gesture: raise the right hand forward (palm down) to shoulder level and quickly lower down.

To accustom a dog to go on command it is possible threeways: tasteful, contrasting with pressure on the withers of the dog, as well as jerking the leash down. Admission is easier to work out from the sitting position, after securing the command "Sit!".

Vkusopooshritelny way. A dog on a short leash is at the left legtrainer. Having planted a dog, the trainer makes a half-turn to the left and takes a leash to his left hand, holding it near the collar. Taking in his right hand a delicacy and bending down, he brings it to the dog's muzzle and gives the command "To lie!". Gradually lowering his hand down and somewhat forward, makes the dog lie down. When the dog lies down, encourages her by stroking and delicacy. The position is fixed by hand for 10-15 seconds, after which the dog is allowed to take a free position.

Contrasting way. After the dog sits down, the trainer givescommand "To lie!", puts his left hand on the dog's withers and presses downward. With his right hand he takes the dog's forepaws and easily pulls them forward (slightly upward), which causes the dog to lie down. As soon as the dog lies, it is encouraged and held for 10-15 seconds. Attempts to get the dog to stand should be stopped by the command "To lie!", Submitted with a threatening intonation and simultaneous pressing on the withers.

A way with a leash of a leash down. The dog is to the left of the trainer. The leash is passed under his left foot. The dog collar ring must be under the dog's neck. When the trainer pulls the leash over, the leash pulls the dog down, causing it to lie down. From this position it is more convenient to make a jerk leash than simply to pull the leash down.
Other actions, such as threatening and encouraging intonations, education of endurance, accustoming to gesture, are carried out in the same way as when working out the command "Sit!".

At the end of the dog's training the dog mustFail safe to lie down from any position on the command or gesture of the trainer, being away from him at a distance of 15 m, and keep this position with an exposure of up to 15 seconds, until the trainer gives the next command.

It is important to teach a dog not just to go to bed, butgo to bed properly. In cases where the dog lies down, but incorrectly, it is necessary to strengthen the compulsion and sharpness of the team's tone and correct the wrong position of the dog. Since this can be done only with close proximity to the dog, you should not leave the dog and work out the restraint until she has mastered the correct position.

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