Selection of dog breed
What kind of dog to choose? This question is invariably faced by everyone whodecides to have a four-legged friend. At the moment there are more than 500 breeds of dogs. Each breed is beautiful in its own way, it has its own distinctive features and qualities ... If you decide to have a dog, but do not know which breed to choose, honestly answer for yourself to some simple questions and make the right choice will be much easier .

So, the first question. Why do you need a dog? What exactly are you going to do with it? Do you need a companion dog for social gatherings? Or maybe you need a formidable guard at a private house? Answer yourself this question and it will immediately become clear to you that the kids of that-terrier or glorious chihuahua are unlikely to become a good defense against intruders, but the formidable St. Bernard will perfectly cope with this task. Choose the type of activity for which you need a dog and you will see that the range of rocks has narrowed significantly.

The second question - what are your physical capabilities? If you think this question is superfluous - in vain. For example, to engage in a large dog like a Doberman or a sheepdog some elderly lady is clearly beyond her power, but a healthy adult man can perfectly cope with these dogs. And small or medium-sized breeds are just good for women and children.

After answering the previous question, ask yourself, so what size of a dog suits you? It should always be remembered that feeding a largeThe dog needs more, but it is less fastidious in eating. As a rule, small breeds of dogs are very capricious in this regard. In addition, some large dogs sometimes take up much less space than their much smaller counterparts. Everything depends on the characteristics of both the breed and each individual dog. Some large dogs prefer to lie in their place, for example, under the table and do not hamper the droplets, while small dogs are literally everywhere and you always run the risk of sitting down or stepping on a small pet.

Are you ready to care for the dog's hair? If in the shower you are a born dog"hairdresser", then safely choose any suitable long-haired breed. It is quite unfair to say that there are less wool on carpets and furniture from short-haired breeds. In fact, the wool is the same, but it is less noticeable, and therefore even more difficult to harvest than the long coat. From woolly dogs (terriers, schnauzers) there is almost no wool in the house, but such dogs should be trimmed every 2-3 months. Also, curly breeds (poodles, kerry-blue terriers, etc.) leave not much wool, and even that wool that remains from the dog is easy to clean, because the wool falls twisted lumps. No less important parameter of the dog's fur is its color. If you are ready to bathe the dog after each walk, then the breeds of dogs with white coat color are your choice.

And, finally, the last question. What temperament of a dog suits you? Of course, to argue that all dogs of the same breedhave the same temperament, it would be extremely naive. But, nevertheless, different breeds of dogs have a certain propensity for a certain temperament. It is important to choose the breed of dog so that its temperament and character are as much as possible combined with yours. After all, if the owner by nature is a calm phlegmatic, then his active, mobile dog will soon wither away from boredom, but with a calm, slow-moving dog, such a host will quickly find a common language.

These are just a few of the main issues thatyou can ask yourself, choosing a suitable breed of dog. But even these questions will suffice to narrow the search to 3-5 breeds from half a thousand. And, you see, it becomes easier to make a choice in this case. Communicate with the owners of dogs like rocks, go to the dog show, visit the nurseries. You will receive valuable information about each of the selected breeds, get acquainted with their representatives. And then you, finally, will be able to choose the breed of dog that is right for you!!

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