Laughter on health: how it affects and what is needed

In our fast age people are increasingly putting on themselvesa mask of excessive seriousness and responsibility. Look around and you will see that colleagues, the boss, ordinary people on the street very rarely smile and laugh. However, negative emotions are often flaunted. But laughter can get rid of many problems, calm anxiety, and fill with strength. How does laughter affect health? And can they be cured of some ailments?

The influence of laughter on the body

At the moment there are no scientificevidence of the use of laughter in everyday life. However, one can say exactly what is happening at this moment with the physiology of man. During the laughter, the muscles of the face and body are stretched (in particular, the intestine, which allows the removal of toxins and toxins), increases blood pressure and pulse, while relaxing the area of ​​the back and neck. Also, rapid breathing is noted, which causes oxygen saturation of blood entering tissues and organs.

Laughter on health: how it affects and what is needed

Laughter has a positive effect on health, increasingimmune defense by increasing the production of lymphocytes. There is a decrease in the level of cortisol and adrenaline, and an increase in endorphins, which give the person ease and satisfaction. In addition, prolonged laughter burns calories well, and given that the facial muscles are intensely saturated with oxygen and are in motion, this is comparable to cosmetic procedures.

Laughter for health

Almost half a century there is a special science -geotology, which studies the impact of laughter on a person's vital indicators, his health. Some scientists recommend laughter as a kind of breathing technique that improves the condition of the body. Therefore, if you do not have enough time to rest, laugh with all your heart, get away from the pressing problems. If you do not get a natural laugh, then you can attend the courses of laughter therapy, which will use special exercises. Here are some of them:

Laughter on health: how it affects and what is needed

  • Try to take a deep breath, and then laugh. Of course, that from the first time it can not work, but do not despair and it is necessary to train further.

  • Stand in front of the mirror, look at your reflection and smile. Try to contain this expression, and you will feel the improvement of mood in a certain period of time.

  • You can also listen to records with the laughter of other people.

  • You can have a special diary in which you will record funny cases from life, jokes, and read it in difficult moments.

  • Look for the funny in any situation (just do not allow excesses).

Laughter on health: how it affects and what is needed

Develop your sense of humor, use laughteron health. Do not forget that optimism prolongs life. And it is impossible without a daily smile and laughter, which has a positive effect on health. According to numerous studies, optimists live on average 10 years more than pessimists. A positive attitude, a confident view of life help overcome any obstacles and make us strong in the struggle against everyday difficulties, improve our well-being.

Most doctors are sure that a fullhuman life is impossible without the presence of laughter and optimism in it - they can be compared with vitamins and minerals. So smile more often, drive sadness and despondency in all available ways. Laughter and human health are interrelated, and therefore do not neglect such an affordable and free medicine.

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