How to control your emotionsEmotions - this is one of the components of everyone's liferights. Without emotions, there would be no joy, sorrow, love, sadness ... The tender summer sun would not please us. Bad news would not be sad. And there would be no causeless aggression either. But all these emotions exist, and sometimes at the most inopportune moment they burst out. Therefore, one and the same question is often sharply acute: how to control your emotions.

Emotions in communication transmit much more information than simple words. After all, emotions affect your own innerstate, thereby changing the timbre of the voice and facial expressions. Of course, excessive emotionality is the lot of women. Therefore very often they do not know how to control their emotions at the right moment for this.

Control over emotions is needed in everyday life, let you be at home or at work. Even in public transport, you can hit something, as a result, you can make a scandal, cry or be offended for a long time. In any case, the mood will be completely spoiled. But this incident can still remind us of itself for a long time. To protect yourself from such situations, you need to know how to restrain your emotions.

there is several effective methods, how to control their emotions. But first you should accept yourself as suchyou are. Emotionality is not a vice to be dealt with. This is a way of life, and believe me, you are loved the way you are. And control over your own negative emotions will help you to emerge victorious in certain situations, or to shield yourself from bad thoughts, disappointments and resentments.

The second step is determining the cause of emotions. This includes any emotions that you likewould learn to control. For example, you do not know how to restrain your emotions when you are accused of something. Or you always react sharply to any criticism, taking it hostilely. Think about what words of your interlocutors you take offense the most, and why this happens.

After you have identified the emotions that you would like to control, learn how to transform them. This step is one of the most difficult, becausehere you will need perseverance and self-control. To achieve the desired result, there is a certain technique that will teach you how to manage your emotions.

Imagination is a great power, here and use it to fight against your ownemotions. When next time you feel a strong irritation and a desire to hit someone, do it in your imagination. If this method does not suit you, you can imagine that there is an impenetrable wall around you. You can also imagine yourself under the dome. In any case, you should feel safe.

During stressful situations, try to breathe deeply, imagining that you are inhaling the cool air,filled with tranquility. Exhale the same warm air, full of anger and irritation. But to represent what is happening, you should concentrate well.

Drawing pictures in the imagination does not always help control your emotions. therefore You can advise you to create real drawings. It does not matter how well you draw. Take a pencil and paint on the sheet of paper your abuser face. Imagine that on the tip of the pencil lead there is all your anger. Now start scratching the offender's face with a pencil. Let the pencil lead even tear the paper. At the end of everything you can independently tear your drawing into small pieces.

But also you, in any case, will have to be attuned to the fact that you yourself completely changed their feelings and emotions. After all, it is impossible to scroll each timethe imagination you need the script. So you have to work a little on your emotions. Do not try to delve into yourself and think that it is you who irritate people with your presence. No, people have a lot of other reasons, because of which they break on you. Try to put yourself in the place of a person who accuses you of something. After all, he sees the situation in his own way. Maybe this person should be pitied, and not blamed for excessive aggression.

Consider that all the people who cause you or those emotions, is your own simulator, which you can use only. Only constant practice will help you really fight your problem.

How to control your emotions
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