How to improve your moodNo, probably, such a person who neverdid not encounter a bad mood. And one thing is when a bad mood has a cause - quarrel, problems at work, etc. And quite another, when nothing seems to happen, but the crocodile is not caught, the coconut does not grow, and in general everything is somehow "unkempt." How to improve your mood in this case?

If the cause of a bad mood is clear, it's easy to improve the mood: you need to eliminate the cause. Reconcile with the one with whom he quarreled, decide his ownProblems. And you do not need to run away from them - they will still catch up. But if the mood is bad "just like that", for no apparent reason, it will be more difficult to raise it.

On the mood of a person are able to influence special substances - endorphins. The body develops them in response to stress,to reduce pain. Sometimes endorphins are called "hormones of happiness", because they can improve mood. Is it possible to somehow stimulate the production of endorphins in order to cheer yourself up?

Endorphins often stand out "in conjunction" with adrenaline. And adrenaline, in turn, will be released during physical exertion. So stimulate the production of "hormones of happiness" and, accordingly, improve the mood will help exercise. Go to the gym or pool, dance, run through the park, after all, have sex.

The development of endorphins is stimulated by certain products. The leaders in the list of such products are chocolate,bananas and white wine. Milk, cheese, eggs, seafood, freshly squeezed carrot or orange juice, dark green vegetables with selenium (asparagus, spinach, broccoli), and spices (curry, pepper, cloves, nutmeg) will also help improve the mood. So if you need to improve your mood, eat a banana or a chocolate bar.

But you should not abuse chocolate. For a short time you will raise your mood, butif you continue to "jam" the problems with sweets, a sense of guilt for overeating will replace the good mood, and if you manage to gain excess weight in the process, a feeling of discontent with yourself will add to the guilt feelings.

By the way, Trying to improve your mood with alcohol is also not the best idea. Many people note that alcohol actsrather than a magnifying glass, and instead of raising the mood, only aggravates the situation. Well, health benefits of alcohol abuse, too, will not go, especially if the uplifting of the mood with the help of booze will enter into your habit.

But in general, To improve the mood always help pleasantly to you occupations. For someone it is relaxation in a fragrant bathroom withsea ​​salt and essential oils. For someone - shopping (only in this case, limit yourself to some pleasant trifle, and do not lower the entire salary for unnecessary purchases to you). For someone - watching your favorite comedy or reading an interesting book.

You can go to the zoo or go rollerblading or biking. Just go for a walk in the fresh air - Go to the park or square, to the bank of the river orlake. And to isolate yourself from annoying city noise, be sure to take the player with your favorite music. You can review photos from the holidays and once again remember the pleasant moments of your life.

To cheer up helps and creativity. Draw something positive with bright colors or pencils. Do not know how to draw? It does not matter, the main thing is satisfaction from the process. Women are often helped beauty treatments: SPA, massage, manicure, visit to the hairdresser. Just try to go to a proven master, so that an unexpected haircut does not spoil your mood even more.

And a good way to improve your mood is to help another. Near to you for certain there is someone whoneeds your support and participation. It may be a person close to you or a stranger at all. It can even be a street kitten or a pigeon with a wedged wing. When we see how someone is making us a little better thanks to our efforts, we are also in a good mood. For many people it is volunteer and charitable activities that help to maintain a good mood.

Finally, a pledge of good mood is a good feeling. Try to get enough sleep, on time and correctlyEat, breathe fresh air. And remember that often the cause of an unreasonable bad mood is banal boredom. So do not let yourself become rusty, do something useful, and you simply will not have time for a bad mood!

How to improve your mood
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