A quarrel with a girlfriendVarious quarrels between friends are inevitable both amongwomen, and among men. On male friendship they say that it is indestructible. But female friendship is not eternal. And the whole point is that the best friends can very easily quarrel. And here is another quarrel with a girlfriend makes you worry about it again.

Any quarrel with a girlfriend is always a reason for chagrin. And the worst thing is that quarrels can arise onempty space. Of course, petty quarrels with a girlfriend are always very easy to settle. The main thing is to understand that the reason for the quarrel between you can be absolutely trivial. But women do not always go for reconciliation, even if they want it. After all, no one wants to take the first step.

But a quarrel with a best friend can not last forever. therefore reconciliation comes naturally. But this only applies to petty quarrels. But big quarrels are not so easy to settle. To avoid such quarrels, you should know what the most common reasons for quarrels are with girlfriends.

A quarrel with a girlfriend can start because of criticism. Everyone knows that criticize women likeall. But they do not like very much when they criticize them. Your girlfriend may just say a few words out loud, which you will perceive with hostility. And this may apply to your appearance or to your work.

Jealousy is another reason to quarrel with a friend. Especially, if your girlfriend is openly building eyes to your boyfriend. Yes, before the quarrel is already close. And in the end it turns out that both the guy throws and his girlfriend quarreled. So maybe women should radically revise their behavior?

And if jealousy is one side of the coin, then envy is another. Envy is a very bad quality, which has evolved over the yearsmore. At first, envy can not be manifested at all. But the further, the more turns she dials, so there appear in the conversation malicious expressions, wicked irony and even open dislike. In this case a quarrel with a friend is inevitable. But if you look at this situation from the other side, it is not always clear whether you can call a woman who constantly envies you, a friend.

Sometimes simple disappointment in a person can also cause a quarrel with a girlfriend. Yes, with time the attitude towards life and towards certain people changes, and the feeling that this person does not understand you more often slips. This disappointment leads to the fact that you quarrel.

And even to quarrels can result banal reluctance to listen to advice. There is such a type of people who then know thatcomplain about life, relationships, lack of money, appearance, troubles on the robot and much more. But all attempts to help the council always end in a scandal. Many people are familiar with this situation, which causes discord. Avoiding quarrels is very easy, just stop giving advice if you are not asked. After all, very often practical advice can be perceived with hostility.

But theory is theory. And in practice, it is not always possible to avoid a quarrel. Therefore, for all women, the question of how to reconcile with a friend is very important. Of course, if you are wrong, then do not look at your pride. Just call your girlfriend first and talk to her, because restore communication Is the first step towards reconciliation. During a sincere conversation, tell me how you feel. It will also be good to ask how your girlfriend treats the situation. In this way, you will push both yourself and her to some actions.

Attempts of pressure never led to anything good. Therefore, try to make your conciliatorythe conversation was quite casual. Even if you are offended, do not try to find out the relationship and prove that you are right, and your girlfriend is not. In this way, you only aggravate mutual insults. But in order to make up, we must forget about our own offense. Forget about it, let it be very hard. And at the end of the conversation you can already apologize.

But If attempts to restore an old friendship do not bring any results, put up with the fact that people change, like their attitude towards others. Accept this and step back to the background. And do not try to force events. This will give you nothing.

A quarrel with a girlfriend
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