TiramisuWarm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and hot southernthe sun of Italy inspired the great creators of the Renaissance: Michelangelo Buanarotti, Rafael Santi, Titian ... But what truly lives in the centuries, so it's original Italian cuisine. Sultry Italians have opened the whole world to the generosity of the southern land. Today we enjoy Italian pizza, lasagna, paella and, of course, one of the most famous desserts in the world - tiramisu!!

Tiramisu translates as "pull me up". So dessert was named for the fact that it excellently raises the mood. Some historians claim that the tiramisu was born at the end of the 17th century in northern Italy, when it was first cooked by the chefs of Siena for the Tuscan Archduke Cosimo III de Medici. The Archduke was so delighted with dessert that he became his most ardent admirer. By the way, it was believed that this dessert raises not only the mood ...

A real tiramisu is cooked with a soft creamycheese mascarpone, Savoyardi cookies and Marsala wine. But since these ingredients are quite expensive, tiramisu is prepared at home, replacing ingredients with more familiar and cheaper ones.

Dessert "Tiramisu"

To prepare tiramisu you will need:

  • mascarpone cheese (can be replaced with Philadelphia cheese, a mixture of fatty cottage cheese and fatty cream) - 500 g

  • savoyardi biscuits (can be replaced with another oblong biscuit biscuit) - 250 g

  • eggs - 4-5 pieces.

  • powdered sugar - 80 g

  • coffee strong (preferably brewed, not soluble) - 1-2 cups

  • wine "Marsala" (can be replaced with coffee or chocolate liqueur, amaretto, bailis or cognac) - 1 glass (if taking liquor, then 5-10 table spoons is enough)

  • cocoa powder


Separate egg yolks from proteins. Cold whites whipped with a piece of powdered sugar in a strong foam and put in the refrigerator. Yolks grind white with the rest of the powdered sugar. You can add vanilla or vanilla sugar.

Cheese mascarpone mash with a spoon in a homogeneous mass. Gently combine the cheese with the whipped yolks, gently stirring with a spoon (by no means a mixer!). Also carefully add whipped proteins.

Prepare the impregnation for the cookie. To do this, mix the cold coffee with wine or liquor. If you use wine, then 1 cup of coffee is enough, and if there is liquor, then coffee is taken in more quantity.

Dip biscuit biscuits into the coffee-wine (liqueur) impregnation and lay in a dense layer on the bottom of a deep form. The cookie should soak well, but do not "break out".

On the layer of cookies lay a layer of cheese cream. Again put a layer of cookies and on top - a layer of cream. The last should be a layer of cream.

Sprinkle dessert with cocoa powder on top. You can also use shavings from bitter chocolate.

Put in a cold place for impregnation for several hours.

Everything, dessert is ready!

Enjoy your meal!

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