Than to occupy the kid?
Than to take the kid when mum needs to be engaged in house affairs? The answer is not as simple as it seems, becausea small child is difficult to carry away by one occupation for longer than 10-15 minutes. And in this short time even the quickest and fastest mother is unlikely to be able to finish at least one thing started.

Many children like "adult" subjects - they also want to join the "adult" life. Why not use similar items to play the baby? Only of course, you need to take care of the safety of these items for the child. The child will be interested in how to knock on each other's spoons, how can you "bang" on the pan, and most importantly - in fact the same objects are usually used by mom and dad, and this is doubly more interesting. True, this option is only suitable if the parents are not afraid of an unimaginable roar and angry neighbors.

Old mother's bag will be great for the baby"House" for toys, and empty jars from under my mother's creams are even more interesting for a baby than cubes. You can give your child one of the lower drawers of the cabinet and put in there different "interestingness": old dishes, clothes. The kid will like to dig into his "wealth".

The child is almost always interested in new toys, but after a while they get bored with him. Toys that the kid "abandoned" can be stashed for a while, and later to get them again. Kids tend to quickly forget that they are not constantly in front of their eyes, so the child will rejoice again "found" a toy as a new one.

Older children can be interesting all kinds of "changing clothes". You can provide at their disposal mother's or father's things, preferably old, so that the kid can do with them whatever he wants.

Baby older you can take not only a toy, but also drawing, modeling, coloring orsticking pictures. Only it is important not just to give the child a marker or plasticine, they say, do what you want, for example, to give some assignment. And if you use natural paints (for example, cherry or beet juice, tomato paste) instead of felt-tip pens, and instead of plasticine - dough, then such exercises will become even more interesting for the child.

Children are attracted to objects that publish various interesting sounds. You can make for him a few "Gremelok" or "rustling". If you put salt in a ragged bag,peas, beans or other "loose" objects and sew it, you will get a great toy. In addition, this toy is useful for developing tactile sensations of the child and fine motor skills of the hands.

You can give the baby to the mercy of several old magazines, audiocassettes, roll of toilet paper, eventually. Very interesting for the child may be "adult" activities. Mum speaks on the phone - and the baby puts a toy phone or an old telephone receiver to your ear, and if your mother types text on the keyboard, you can get an old keyboard for the child - let it also "print".

Very tempting for parents and a fairly effective way to take a baby is to include him cartoons. Almost all children enjoy watching them. But it should be remembered that a child should not watch cartoons all day, let them entertain the child for no more than half an hour.

Than to occupy the kid?
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