Buckwheat dietOne of the most effective diets is, perhaps, buckwheat. After all, with its help you can lose up to 10 kg. Buckwheat is very useful, it contains many vitamins and nutrients such as potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, which help strengthen blood vessels and good blood coagulation. In addition, buckwheat is quickly prepared and is not very expensive. In general, the merits - weight. Also a big plus of this diet is that buckwheat itself has a high calorie content, this makes it possible to completely abandon pure protein (fish, meat) and fatty components. In turn, the calorie content of buckwheat is due to the high percentage of vegetable protein content.

Throughout the diet you must eatonly buckwheat porridge without salt and spices, with what you can eat it as long as you want. But the main trick is to prepare this dish. Buckwheat does not need to cook. Groats should be taken from the same calculation as for cooking porridge (a glass of buckwheat for 2.5-3 glasses of water), pour it with steep boiling water and put overnight under the lid. If you want to speed up this process, you can pour buckwheat into the thermos, pour boiling water and close tightly. Groats will be ready in a couple of hours. Neither salt nor spice is added. If such food seems too fresh to you, you can pour porridge with kefir, add a finely chopped apple. After 19.00 it is impossible. The optimal time for dinner is 4-6 hours before bedtime. Mineral still water and unsweetened green tea can be drunk without restrictions.

In the first days from the body takes away excess fluid,so you lose weight very much - up to 1 kg per day, then the process slows down, but still goes. If you want to repeat the course of the diet, you will lose weight even more slowly, but you can save the achieved result if you do not get carried away by sweet and flour after the end.

There is also a variant of curative buckwheatdiet, with which you can lose weight by 3 kg per week, and also strengthen the nervous system and improve the condition of the vessels. Your menu can be something like this. Breakfast: a bowl of buckwheat porridge in water without salt and spices. You can add 125 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, 125 gr. fruit yogurt, two slices of cheese of solid varieties. Dinner: a plate of salad from green vegetables, 100 gr. boiled low-fat veal. Afternoon snack: one apple or 125 gr. low-fat yogurt. Dinner: buckwheat porridge with vegetables, a little ketchup or soy sauce.

But the unloading buckwheat diet lasts onlyone day. It can be repeated in three days. Diet helps to cleanse the body of toxins and regulates metabolism. During the day you only need buckwheat porridge. So that the food does not seem too fresh, you can add onions, vegetable oil or a little honey. It is allowed to drink unsweetened tea or compote from dried fruits.

Weight reduction in buckwheat diet is notaccompanied by typical pain for other diets, such as dizziness, general fatigue, lethargy and weakness. In some cases, the diet improves the appearance of the skin (due to the normalization of metabolism), as well as the resorption of cellulite, which indicates the effectiveness of buckwheat diet.

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