Pearl diet
Perlovka is not loved by everyone, but one can not deny the fact that pearl barley and dishes from it have a mass of useful properties. There is even barley diet, which is used not only for weight loss, but also for cleansing the body.

Pearl barley is a barley of whole grains of barley,Passing the primary rollback, at which part of the grain envelope is retained. Pearl barley contains vitamins (A, B, D, E), micro- and macro elements (calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, copper), amino acid lysine and other useful substances. Also pearl barley contains a large amount of fiber, stimulating the work of the intestine.

Pearl diet refers to low-calorie mono-diets. It's tough enough, so you can notsit longer than 5 days. Usually this diet is used in the event that you need to quickly throw off 4-5 extra pounds. The first days of the diet, most likely, will be the most difficult because of a strong sense of hunger. Before you sit down on a pearl diet, you should always consult a doctor: if you have any health problems, a hard pearl diet can aggravate them.

The menu of the pearl diet is quite simple, it is based on pearl barley. Given that pearl barley is brewed for a long time, withevenings it should be soaked in water (approximately 1 liter of water per 200 g of cereals). When cooking, the pearl barley grows very much in volume, about five times, so do not soak too much cereal. If you forgot to soak, you can pour a few cups of boiling water a couple of hours before cooking porridge in the same ratio.

In the morning, strain the rump and cook it. crumbly porridge in water without salt: pour the rump with water, bring to a boil, cook for about 30 minutes, and then carefully wrap it. Divide the cereal into 3-4 servings, which you will need to eat during the day without seasoning and oil. The size of the portions is not limited.

During the diet, you need to drink up to 1.5-2 litersliquid per day, best of all - ordinary or non-carbonated (or slightly carbonated) mineral water, green tea or herbal decoctions. Sugar in tea and broths can not be added. At night you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir. As you can see, pearl diet can be called a budget: pearl barley is cheap enough, and besides it and water, no other products on the menu are included (except kefir, but it is not required).

For the day of the diet, you will lose about 1 kg of weight
. Please note that in the early days of weight loss dietswill occur due to the purification of the gastrointestinal tract and the removal of excess fluid from the body, and only then will the actual burning of fat. Therefore, it is very important to sit on the diet until the end: the kilograms lost in the early days will quickly return.

Exit from the diet should be gradual, as a sharp return to the usual diet after a tight mono-diet will be a big shock for the body. Desirable even after the end of the diet to leave pearl porridge in your diet and eat it at least once a day. Repeat the diet can not be earlier than a month and a half.

If such a pearl diet seems too tight, we can offer lighter menu option. The diet is designed for 7 days, for which youcan lose 3-5 kg ​​of weight. Eat breakfast barley porridge with the addition of a green apple, grated on a grater with a peel, or prunes, soaked in water and shredded. For lunch - again pearl barley, which can be supplemented with vegetable salad and thin slice of boiled lean meat. For dinner - 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese (you can sweeten 1 tsp honey) and a glass of yogurt without yogurt with minimal fat content. Unsweetened green tea and mineral water without gas are allowed from drinks.

Finally, the pearl diet "light". This diet does not have a clear menu, you can compose it yourself. The main requirement is that the basis of the dietit was necessarily pearl barley. Under the ban is fatty food and sugar, but it is allowed to add natural spices to the cereal. You can supplement the porridge with any products (except prohibited). Try to make your dinner as light as possible.

Diet on pearl barley is quite effective
, but with it you need to be very careful, because, like any mono-diet, it is not easily transferred and can harm your health if you treat it negligently.

Pearl diet
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