Amulets for attracting the energy of money with their own hands on special magical rites

Everyone has their own methods of achieving financialwell-being. Someone comprehends economic sciences, someone turns to the "money gurus" for advice, and someone simply pulls several jobs at the same time and plows like a workhorse. Of course, it's easy to get a fish out of the pond without difficulty, and money from the air. Work, of course, have to. However, it is much easier to achieve the set financial goals, if the work is accompanied by luck in money matters. A little magic and a lot of faith will help create an amulet that will attract the energy of money, people and situations that contribute to financial success. "Lures" for money are made by special magic rites, which charge money talismans with powerful energy. The strength of some of them is accumulative. Work amulets will begin immediately, but their magical properties will grow for several months.

Amulet-magnet for attracting money

Amulets for attracting the energy of money with their own hands on special magical rites

For this mascot use coins orpaper banknotes. In money amulet, banknotes possess a special power, the series of which contains the initials of the name and surname or the date of birth. Of course, the usual banknote will do, but it's better to find a powerful bill with a piece of your metric. Twist the tube out of it. Wrap the money with a red woolen thread, forming a tight tangle. Tail the thread carefully, so that the ball is not unwound (unwound thread can destroy the strength of the amulet). Sprinkle a tangle with a few drops of essential oil with money energy (eucalyptus, patchouli, bergamot) and attach a red silk ribbon to it. Hang the amulet above the front door, and anyone who enters the house will strive to enrich you in every possible way. You will be paid money, give gifts, compensate for expenses, etc. Your personal financial potential will also increase. You can easily multiply your wealth and receive money literally from the air.

Money amulet "Yablochko on a plate with a blue border"

Amulets for attracting the energy of money with their own hands on special magical rites

You will need:

  • sphere of the size of an apple (ball, ball of foam or plastic);

  • any coins of the same size;

  • artificial leaves;

  • a wooden stick (better from an apple tree).

Sphere the sphere with coins according to the principle of "fish"scales ", leaving the place for the stalk-stem. Cover the ball with several layers of gold paint and let it dry well. Decorate the apple top with a pedicel with leaflets. Place the golden fruit on a plate with a blue edging, and place the amulet in the place where it will constantly come across your eyes. This attribute of magic and magic will attract new cash flows, contribute to financial success and will open all roads leading to fabulous enrichment.

Amulet "Money to money"

Amulets for attracting the energy of money with their own hands on special magical rites

Wealth in the literal sense lies with allfeet, but not everyone will want to bend over and raise it. It's about lost coins, which can often be found on the road, in the transport, in the store. Of course, in themselves they are not much value, but when carrying out a special ritual, small money will become a very strong magnet for large sums of money. The only condition is that it is strictly forbidden to collect coins from intersections. This is often brought coins, and not always for good. Collect small money on the street, it may take a long time. In the total amount they should be 8 rubles (Fibonacci number). Picking up coins, do not forget to say: "For luck!".

When the collection is complete, soak your treasurein salted water to remove bad energy, and dry in the sun - to charge a good one. At the full moon, put the money in a bag of natural cloth, tie it with a ribbon of red and carry it to the temple. Having completely defended the service, return home, and sprinkle coins directly at the doorstep. For three days you can not wash floors and invite guests. Collect the coins in clay pottery. Keep the amulet in a place inaccessible to prying eyes.

Amulet of "four winds" for the harmonization of monetary energy

Amulets for attracting the energy of money with their own hands on special magical rites

Involve money and fix a monetaryWind signs and a scarf made of natural material will help you to succeed. The scarf is better to take the one in which the woman attended the church. It carries a stronger energy. At the four corners of the scarf markers or slicks, draw symbols of the 4 winds, which establish a balance of energies:

  • Sword: a symbol of the winter waning wind.

  • Wand: a symbol of the spring growing wind.

  • Cup: a symbol of the summer coming wind.

  • Coin: a symbol of autumn conservative wind.

Connect the symbols to each other with diagonallines. Put a gold coin on each sign and tie the corners with knots, pronouncing four times: "I knit knots, I fasten the protection, I approve, I drive evil away." Lay coins and tie knots in the same order in which the signs of the wind were drawn. Put the amulet under the pillow and keep it there for forty days. At night (before burdensome expenses or in case of financial problems), take out the handkerchief from under the pillow, reflect on the situation and shift its decision to an amulet. Be confident, in the morning the right answer will ripen in your head itself. To stabilize financial well-being, a magical rite with a handkerchief and wind symbols is best spent on the growing moon or in the spring when everything is expanding.

Amulet ritual for improving financial situation

Amulets for attracting the energy of money with their own hands on special magical rites

Program the future business for a financialsuccess, increase the income of the existing business or move up the career ladder to a high-paying position will help the monetary ritual. For magical action you will need:

  • empty wine bottle;

  • a candle made of wax;

  • 3 tablespoons of sugar;

  • a bank note (a green or a banknote of a large denomination);

  • cork.

The plot of the amulet is spent on the growing moon. The bottle should be green (symbol of abundance, development, high potential). Before the ritual, say three times: "How much mud in the swamp, fish in the water, so much money is coming to me." Light a candle. At the bottom of the bottle, pour out the sugar, forming a slide. Push through the neck of the bill. Stop the bottle with a stopper and "seal" it with hot wax from a candle. Amulet set under the moonlight for 3 nights, and then hide away from other people's views. Before opening a business, decisive moments in it or on the eve of an important business meeting, speak on the bottle of the word, which it was told. When the amulet is triggered, the bill can be obtained and spent. To monetary success continued to accompany in the intended case, leave after the exchange of a blocked note a small money in your purse for good luck, and never spend it. This is your monetary mascot!

Coin Conspiracy for Prosperity of Trade

Amulets for attracting the energy of money with their own hands on special magical rites

Amulet for the multiplication of income from tradethey speak to a young moon. Take any white coin, and at midnight go with her into the yard. Find a place from which the moon is clearly visible, stretch out to meet her hand with a coin and keep it so that the moon completely hides behind the money. Read the plot: "As the moon is growing now, so let my income grow, let the money grow to me." A coined coin lies in front of your trading facility with the words: "To the prosperity of trade! At a profit! For money! "

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