How to make a good impression when meeting
Each of us has to meet newpeople almost every day. Whether this is a new acquaintance in the club or a job interview - we always want to show ourselves on the positive side. The country of the Soviets will share some recommendations, How to create a good impression of yourself when meeting.

Bernard Shaw once said that we neverwill have a second chance to make a first impression. And did you know that the first impression of a person is created in the first 15-30 seconds? And on how much you managed to show yourself on the good side, depends on your further communication with the interlocutor.

It will be useful to know that a vivid impression more oftenall produced by people who generate optimism, inspiration and positive. In order to leave a good impression of yourself, you should cause maximum positive emotions in the new interlocutor. How to do it? Here are a few recommendations.

First, what you should remember is a smile. Restrained and sincere.
Two simple steps to a friendly relationship is a warm smile and a firm handshake. True, there is one subtle psychological nuance - You need to smile with some hitch, after you look at the person in the eye.

Your view should be open, interested and, in no case, arrogant. Show the interlocutor that he is the key figure in your conversation.

Be a good active listener. During the conversation, try to maintainthe story of the interlocutor with such phrases: "How interesting!", "And what next?". Sometimes ask again, using in the question the last phrase spoken by the interlocutor. Do not interrupt the narrator, give it a voice, always maintain eye contact and voice your approval, and ... a good impression of you is assured.

During a conversation try to arrange for yourself to interlocutor by "mirroring" his posture and gestures. Speak to him in the same timbre and volume, be sad with him if he is sad. A new acquaintance will see in you a kindred spirit and like-minded person.

Use the name of your new friend as often as possible. Nothing is so sweet to a person's ear as hisgiven name. Try to get acquainted immediately remember how the caller's name, then you do not have to get out and blush, and then contact him then on the phone then it will be difficult.

A good impression can be made with the help of jokes, but be careful - a sense of humor in everyone's own. Therefore, you can accidentally offend a person, and a pleasant conversation will not take place. Of course, black humor and curses are completely excluded.

Take for yourself the rule not to argue with a new acquaintance. Because of this relationship can be destroyed, not yet built. You know that everyone has the right to his point of view.

Of great importance is how you are dressed. Accurate and well-seated clothes will play foryou have a big role in dating. Watch your posture: your shoulders should be straightened. This will give you an image of a successful and confident person and leave a good impression on you.

Watch what and how you say. People judge our upbringing, education andintelligence of our manner of speaking, we select and present the word. Excellent reception to pay attention to his erudition - in conversation mention some aphorism famous person.

It will be great if you have a new interlocutor will be saved a small gift. A box of chocolates for a lady or a ballpoint pen for a man - this pleasant gesture will not remain unnoticed. You will make a good impression if you offer to drink tea or coffee together.

Do not discuss in a conversation any of your life's difficulties or health problems. The interlocutor does not need to know all the details, for example, about your wisdom tooth. Your speeches should be full of positive and optimistic.

At the end of the meeting, be sure to say that it was nice meeting you, make an easy compliment to the interlocutor and wish good luck.

Fulfillment of these simple rules will help you make a good first impression when meeting you, arrange for you any interlocutor and give you confidence.

You should feel joy communicating with people, if you want people to experience the joy of communicating with you. (Dale Carnegie)

How to make a good impression when meeting
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