Problem of loneliness
Who do you think is a lonely person? The one who lives alone? Nothing like this. A lonely person is someone who feels lonely. Loneliness is a special form of self-awareness, in which a person feels forgotten, unnecessary, lost, deprived and abandoned. The problem of loneliness - the topic of our article.

First of all, loneliness is a feeling thatis born in our soul. After all, in fact, we are surrounded by a large number of people - neighbors, relatives, colleagues, classmates, ordinary passers-by ... Where does that cold chill of emptiness and isolation come from?

The problem of loneliness: causes and solutions

Let's figure out why people feel lonely.

Fear of communication. Fear of rejection, as a rule, is connected withlow self-esteem. Such people are afraid to be uninteresting in communication, consider themselves unworthy of love and recognition, they do not know how to have fun in companies, they have strong difficulties if they have to ask something or call someone.

Exit. I'll have to work on myself. Force yourself to communicate with people. Read books on this topic. Sign up for any sports or dance sections, gym, etc. Share experiences with people, look for common interesting topics. In the end, look for yourself friends on the Internet on topic forums.

Alienation and reluctance to communicate. This problem of loneliness is slightly different fromthe previous one is that such people can communicate normally, but, due to their personal characteristics and character, interest in communication quickly disappears. As a consequence, a sense of loneliness and depression arises from the inconsistency between one's desires and the response. This is a more complicated situation, and here you need to adjust the subconscious settings.

Exit. I'll have to start with myself. To love yourself with all your heart and stop perceiving the world around you, as neighbors and colleagues have decided for you. Do your favorite thing, immerse yourself in the hobby with your head. See good emotional films, read classic books. Do everything for yourself. Think about plans for the future in a positive context. Your face should radiate positive, and not strain at thoughts of loneliness.

High expectations. The search for an ideal partner in life can be prolonged if we overestimate the standards. Maybe for you it will be news, but there are no ideal people on our planet. Although maybe it's you?

Exit. After watching the beautiful movies, we come offfrom real life, in connection with which in our minds the ideal image of some alien is formed. You all your life are waiting for Alain Delon's husbands and you can not concentrate on someone else. Do not waste time. The broken connection with reality does not make it clear that there are good people around with their pluses and minuses, but they are close and real.

If the problem of loneliness touched you, try to work on it in such a way.

Raskompleksuyte yourself with the help of the "Request" exercise. Address to passers-by with any request or question. If you are denied - it's okay, because your goal is to train communication.

Go to the cinema, the theater (you have been in the theater for a long time?), a club, a concert or something else, where there is a mass gathering of people. Go not as an event, but as a psychological training. Only a mandatory condition is a positive attitude. Ask someone for an opinion about the actors, the plot, etc. Communicate easily and freely!

Try to have at home some animal. Grateful and loving eyes of a cat or a dog will help to melt your sense of loneliness.

Periodically imagine a spark inside you. It burns with a warm, clear and calm flame, so that it does not happen to you. Thank yourself for being at home.

The problem of loneliness will disappearif you let your warmth into your soul, accept yourself with love and live for your joy. The country of the Soviets is with you!

Problem of loneliness
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