How to find yourself in lifeGray routine replaces each other, and tomorrow againthere will be another boring day. Tired! Work is not fun, the money received does not bring any more pleasure, and there is no more power to pull this burden of gray existence. But once life seemed bright and colorful. But something has changed ... The purpose of life has changed, and even lost. To return all the colors of existence, you should find your goal and yourself. Do you know, how to find oneself in life?

Some people live a full and colorful life. They are happy every new day, sunrise andThe sunset, the singing of birds and even the gray, dull day. And the others are not happy with either the family or the work. In their view, life is a continuous routine, waiting for the weekend and vain attempts to relax. What is the reason for this attitude to your life? The fact is that such unhappy people lost their purpose in life. Their self-realization of the person did not take place. So they have to do what society expects of them. And no one asks if you want to do it or not.

The meaning and purpose of life is not that all the allotted time we worked for money and lived only for the sake of others. Every person's life is unique. No one can repeat someone's life, because each person has personal goals and own doors, which Vadim Zeland told so much about in his work on the technique of reality transforing. What are doors? This is the way of self-realization. But in order to get through it, you need to find yourself first.

Many do not understand what it means to find oneself. After all, this phrase is very deep meaning. Many say that Find yourself is to set a goal that you want to achieve in life. But this is not an exhaustive answer. Finding oneself in life means doing something that gives you joy and profit.

To your everyday life again filled with harmony andpaints, you need to know how to find yourself in life. To do this you will have to work hard to break certain frameworks and stereotypes to which we are accustomed. You can find various techniques to restore the lost goal and find yourself in life. After all, many authors offer their own methods. But all the techniques are reduced to the same principles: struggle with stereotypes, acceptance of oneself, setting goals, enjoying life. Let's talk in more detail about each of the principles.

Fighting the stereotypes of society. From the very childhood we are taught that in lifewe must do this and that and that. We are cited as an example of successful people and they say that if we follow in their footsteps, then we will become as rich and happy. Next, the surrounding people inspire us with generally accepted values, with which we must reckon. In the end, it turns out that the conscious self is completely cluttered with stereotypes that make our life uncomfortable. All protests of the soul to do something will be suppressed by stereotypes: "so it is impossible", "it's not allowed", "it will be better".

Find the strength to break all stereotypes, be courageous and start living a new life. How to do it? To begin with, you can try to communicate with people whose values ​​differ from those imposed on you. At some point you may notice thatYour environment begins to tune in against you, because you start playing the game according to your own rules. Be strong and do not succumb to provocation.

When all stereotypes are broken, you need accept yourself as you are. To make this easier, you can write tosheet of paper in two columns of your negative and positive qualities. Did you see a lot of negativity in yourself? Do not despair and do not try to change yourself. Just turn negative qualities into positive ones. For example, you are slow and find it bad. But on the other hand, you are doing everything thoroughly. Look at yourself from this point of view and love yourself. Only after that you can make a list of cases that you enjoy.

Look carefully at the classes that you like doing. Which of these would you like to turn into aa permanent occupation? Maybe you like to hang out in clubs every day and listen to a variety of music? Native people find this not the best way of life. And you try to turn what is best for you, into your profession - become a DJ, for example. By the way, this approach to raising the question will suit all people who do not know how to find themselves in the profession.

As you can see, the goal has already begun to be outlined. Now think about what you would liketo achieve in life. Do not take money or power into account. If you correctly identify your goals, they will come to you as attendants. Now that you know how to find yourself in life, you can safely go to your goals. And every step you will be given very easily. And life will be filled with bright colors and positive impressions.

How to find yourself in life
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