Crisis of personalityEveryone during his life shouldconstantly develop and learn something new. But the fact is that modern life puts people in a position where they can not respond in a timely manner to rapid changes in the situation. And at one point the person is faced with such a change in the situation that it is already impossible to believe in what was still considered correct or wrong. And at this moment comes crisis of personality.

Any manifestations of the struggle with the established system of rules, values, norms of behavior are all a crisis of the individual, which people are very worried about. Attempts to change anything in this world push people to various mental disorders, sometimes even death. And all because the inner state of man has changed.

Individual crisis awaits us at any age. Even a child is subject to a change in the mentalstate. Therefore, doctors distinguish the birth crisis, the crisis of one year, three, seven years. At a later age, people are less exposed to the age crisis, so we can only talk about the puberty crisis, the midlife crisis, the pension crisis and the death crisis.

But do not forget that the life of a person is affected not only by age crises of the individual. Much also affects the emotional state, so the system of values ​​of a person can change even under the influence of fear, grief or anger. Relations with the second half can lead to the fact that a person will again face a crisis of personality.

So how can you describe the crisis of the person and how is it so dangerous? The personal crisis can be described as an imbalance in the activities and life of a person, leading to various actions thatpublic opinion does not understand and does not perceive. This denial of someone else's opinion and refusal to help leads to the fact that a person suffering from a personality crisis has inadequate behavior, stress, frustration, depression.

The formation of personality is greatly influenced by various external factors, such as stress and a rapid change in the situation. The fact is that the modern world forces us to live in an environment where very quickly we have to adapt to changing any situation. But not everyone can make such rapid changes in behavior. Therefore, the natural mechanisms of protecting the human psyche, worked out over thousands of years: depression (withdrawal into oneself), flight or struggle.

Depression or withdrawal into oneself - this is one of the natural psychological techniques,which uses our body for our own salvation. The tactic of "hiding and surmounting the problem" is very effective. But the fact is that we regard depression as something negative, because at that time a person stops his development.

Another mechanism of flight or struggle is activation of energy. In this case, the person will either fight withproblem, or escape from it. It is believed that the reaction to the problem is the most correct and the best. But the fact is that in the modern world, all our functions for protecting the mental state are greatly violated. We are already living in a world where there are many more different problems than before. And the social hierarchy makes itself felt. Therefore, most often a person does not know how to react correctly to a change in the situation, and begins to behave from the point of view of society inadequately. This is how the crisis of the individual manifests itself again.

What to do in this situation? Of course, any personality crisis can be overcome. This requires your own systemvalues. Everyone should think about what exactly is most valuable to him. Values ​​such as wealth and power can not help overcome the crisis of the individual. Therefore, your attention should be focused on the person - on yourself. It is not necessary at this time to think about relatives and friends, otherwise you can make yourself a slave to other people. I must stand in the first place. Putting all life priorities in this way, each person becomes the master of his own life. And here he can decide for himself what kind of life he needs: with or without crises.

Of course, many may think that self-centeredness is the extreme degree of selfishness. But such a value system isnatural. In addition, it is also worth considering that this method of overcoming the crisis of the person is suitable only for single people. Those who have a family can create the center together, around which the world will revolve. And on the external circles will be already friends, hobbies and any other manifestations of life. In such a system, each person can overcome any problems.

Crisis of personality
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