Delayed speech development in childrenSpeech therapists frighten parents with the diagnosis of "ZRR (delayed speech development)", as the parents of children - babayka. What is the delay in speech development in children? What are the signs of this diagnosis? What should I do if in the medical record of your child the speech therapist brought out the abbreviation of ZRD with a shaky hand?

Development of speech of the child does not begin at that moment,when he pronounces the first words, and much earlier, literally from birth, when he begins to pronounce the first sounds. They are the foundation of future coherent speech. The rate of speech development depends on many factors and is individual for each child, but there are certain norms of speech development for each age. A significant lag from these norms (2 months or more) is considered a delay in speech development.

Norms of child speech development

AgeNorms of speech development
2 monthsSeparate sounds, spontaneous vocalizations directed towards Mom and sometimes - other adults
3 monthsStretching of vowels, walking, "cooing", reaction to treatment
4 monthsThe outgrowth grows into roulades (one vowel flows into another), the reaction to the change in intonation
5 monthsMelodic walking, occasional babble, some consonant sounds are added (p, b, m), the first combinations of syllables
6 monthsImproving the occasional babbling, the fusion of consonants with vowels, attempts to imitate audible sounds
7 monthsLisp, understanding the meaning of words
8 monthsLisp like communication, imitation of sounds pronounced by adults, without understanding the meaning
9 monthsComplication of babbling, sound serenades, utterance of the first light words
10 monthsUnderstanding more and more words, imitating the speech of adults, the appearance in speech of new syllables and simple words
11 monthsPlaying sounds at your own discretion, increasing the number of light words
12 monthsEase in imitation of new words heard, about 10 lightweight words in the asset, understanding more than 20 words
2 nd year of lifeAutonomous active speech (use of amorphouswords-roots); in 1,5 years - use of one word for a number of subjects); in 2 years - the correlation of familiar words with images; by the third year - attempts to change words; understanding and execution of the simplest commands
3 rd year of lifeThe coherent nature of speech, the appearance and gradual complication of sentences, the first questions, the changing of intonation, the rapid increase in vocabulary, word-making
4 th year of lifeThe appearance in the speech of sentences consisting ofsubject, predicate and complement; the correct utterance of most of the sounds; the ability to answer simple questions; the use of phrases consisting of more than four words

The delay of speech development in children isa serious problem, because all the mental processes of a person are closely interrelated. The development of speech has a significant influence on the development of cognitive processes (thinking, attention, memory, imagination), general psychological development and the formation of the sphere of interpersonal interaction. If your child's speech development is significantly different from the norms defined for his age, you need to contact a speech therapist and / or a psychologist. The earlier you identify the problem, the easier it will be to fix it.

Why there is a delay in speech development in children? There can be several reasons, and sometimes they act in a complex. The most common reasons are:

  • uncalled for speech: if you do not talk with a child or talk too much, not giving him the "wedge", if you guess all his desires, the child does not need a verbal expression of emotions and demands;

  • genetically conditioned slowed development of nerve cells responsible for speech;

  • injuries and diseases of the infectious brain, transferred during the period of intrauterine development, during labor and during the first year of life;

  • problems with hearing: the child learns to speak, reproducing the speech of adults; If he can not hear them normally, he will not be able to reproduce their speech.

What to do if the child has a speech delaydevelopment? Usually it is advised to give it to a speech therapy garden or a speech therapy group in an ordinary kindergarten. It really can help to some extent, but Without your participation, all the efforts of specialists will come to naught. The development of the child's speech is greatly influenced by the family, so when the child is not in the kindergarten, you are responsible for his speech development.

The delay in speech development in children is not a verdict. If you perform simple recommendations, your child's speech will begin to develop at a normal pace.

  1. Speak correctly: your speech is a sample for the child, so it takes over all your grammatical and speech errors.

  2. If your child has come out of infancy, do not lisp with him, speak clearly and clearly, do not stretch words, take your time, but do not slow down speech.

  3. Do not dismiss the child's questions, but encourage his desire to ask them, his curiosity and imagination.

  4. While talking to the child, listen carefully to what he says, do not push and interrupt.

  5. Every day, read to the child books, let's listen to records of fairy tales, songs and poems.

  6. Play with the child if he asks for it, and encourage his games and communication with other children.

  7. Play with the child in games for the development of speech and fine motor skills (the level of development of fine motor skills is associated with the level of development of speech).

The delay in speech development in children is not a reason for panic. Well-coordinated efforts of parents, speech therapist and psychologist will help the child learn to speak correctly and competently, the main thing is not to hope that the problem will disappear by itself.

Delayed speech development in children
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