How a Bicycle Affects a Male's Potency

Male cycling is much more thanwomen. This is indicated by the statistics of different countries. For example, in Portland (USA), which is considered one of the first cities for the presence of a huge number of cyclists, the ratio of male and female cyclists is 70% to 30% for men. Practical similar ratio is typical for the large European city of Paris (France). Approximately the same indicator is observed all over the world. Women rarely sit behind the wheel of a bicycle, fearing an accident or injury.

At the same time, men are not limited in this matter, and without a doubt sit behind the wheel of a two-wheeled horse.

Bicycle harms men's health

How a Bicycle Affects a Male's Potency

Choosing cycling, a man whoonly get acquainted with it, wonders if regular cycling causes problems with potency. At first glance, watching the athletes saddle a thin, sharp-edged saddle, becomes uncomfortable.

The second question that worries ignorant people is whether the ride causes stasis in the circulation of the perineum.

Is it possible to dispel this myth?

The structure of the pelvic part is arranged in such a way,that during sitting the main load falls on the pelvic bones. Due to this, the male crotch is slightly higher above the saddle, which is very important.

No professional athlete usessoft saddle for skiing. The fact is that during prolonged sitting the pelvic bones press the soft surface of the saddle and plunge down, and we, in turn, lay down on him with the crotch. Therefore, riding even for short distances should be with the help of a rigid saddle. A soft saddle leads to clogging of blood vessels and discomfort in the prostate.

How a Bicycle Affects a Male's Potency

Hours of riding

If, with the use of the "right" saddle, manywill agree, then about the hour of driving there are always disputes. During sitting on the pelvis there is no more than 60% of the load, because in this process other muscles are involved. In contrast, I want to mention the 8-hour working day at the computer, when the load of 100% falls on the pelvis.

Constantly sit in the saddle will not succeed. During the overcoming of obstacles, you have to get up all the time, push hard on the pedals, in a word - maneuver.

Are there any scientific confirmations or refutations?

American scientists set out to find out howSports activities affect the violation of erection. Professional swimmers and riders took part in the experiment. As it turned out, bikers had "problems" in their personal lives 5 times more often. An important point is that most of the "problem" cases were traced to those participants who used a softer saddle and a low steering wheel.

In this case, you should not panic and give upbicycle, because the results of the experiment indicate that riding a bicycle, affecting the erection, does not affect the reproductive function. Conversely, during a short ride, the risk of developing prostatitis by stimulating the prostate is prevented.

A bicycle is contraindicated for people with an existing disease

How a Bicycle Affects a Male's Potency

If the prostatitis has already formed, then about the bicyclewill have to forget. In this case, this process can lead to stagnation of blood. However, you can use an exercise called "bike". Lying on your back, you need to make circular movements with your legs, as if you are riding a bicycle. This well stimulates the prostate.

The conclusion from all this is one - riding a bike takes place in the life of a man. But at the same time it is necessary to choose the right saddle and not to aspire to conquer the Olympic peaks.

A man will necessarily feel positivethe effect of riding a bicycle if the saddle is selected individually. If you like to ride a bicycle, buy a good hard saddle. Change the pose more often during movement, raise, press on the pedals, allowing the perineum to receive an additional flow of blood.

Cycling is a great step towards a healthy lifestyle, but with the right choice of bike.

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