Diet for blood type 3
According to the theory developed by the Americanthe doctor Peter D "Adamo, on people with different blood types, the same products will affect differently: positively, neutrally or negatively.On the basis of this theory, there are diets for different blood groups.In particular, diet for the 3rd blood group gives the main recommendations for the selection of products that promote weight loss.

The diet for group 3 blood is a diet of "pilgrims"and "nomads". On the planet, about 20.6% of people with blood type 3 (B) live. It is believed that this blood group originated as a result of migration of races. Strengths of "nomads" are considered to be balance of the nervous system, flexibility of adaptation to a diet, high resistance of the immune system.

According to D "Adamo, there are practically no weak sides of "nomads", all the health problems they have - acquired. Due to a violation of the balance in the diet, people with type 3 blood can develop autoimmune diseases. Also, "nomads" are at risk for diabetes.

The diet for group 3 blood is mixed or balanced: for "nomads" meat products are suitable, andvegetable food, and milk. However, there are still some limitations for each group of products. These restrictions concern those foods that promote weight gain among "nomads".

So, a diet for the 3rd blood group recommends avoiding the consumption of seafood, pork and chicken. It is also not advisable for people with the 3rd blood group to have some cereals, namely, buckwheat and wheat.

Vegetables and fruits a diet for the 3 blood group is allowed to use, but should be avoided by corn, pumpkin, olives, tomatoes. You can consume legumes. You can not use coconuts. Avoid also follows peanuts.

Eggs, sour-milk products, green vegetables, beef, veal, liver - All these products help to fight overweight people with the 3 group of blood, but because the diet for the 3 blood group must necessarily contain meals from such products.

Drinking, according to the diet for group 3 blood, almost any, in particular,pineapple, grape, cranberry juice. In turn, apricot, cherry, plum, orange, carrot, apple juice have a neutral effect on the organism of "nomads". Avoid tomato juice.

Diet for blood type 3 does not require strict restriction of caloric intake of food, does not regulate the size of portions or the frequency of food intake. Nevertheless, to achieve tangible results, it is important to remember that abuse of fatty, sweet, spicy, smoked dishes can lead to a set of excess weight and health problems.

To combat excess weight in addition to the diet for the 3 blood group must also give the body a physical load. Swimming, biking, yoga are considered to be most useful for people with blood type 3.

Before you test yourself on a diet for group 3 blood, be sure to consult a dietician, which will help to choose a balanced diet and will give recommendations for maintaining optimal weight!

Diet for blood type 3
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