Diet Medifast
Diet Medifast very popular in the United States, where she,in fact, it arose, and also in Europe. With the advent of the opportunity to buy virtually any goods via the Internet, it became possible to follow this diet in our country. What is a diet for weight loss Medifast?

The Medifast Diet (Mediast) was named in honor ofAmerican company, engaged in the production of food products. Initially, the diet program developed by the company's specialists was intended for very obese people, but it turned out to be so effective that was adapted for people who want to adjust their weight at home.

The diet is based on Medifast products. The foodstuffs produced by the company include bars, snacks, brownies, cold and hot drinks, breakfast cereals, pancakes, egg dishes, oatmeal, puddings and cream desserts, cervices, soups and stews. All Medifast products are characterized by low fat content and low glycemic index, many products do not contain gluten (gluten).

There are different versions of the diet programMedifast: for vegetarians, diabetics, adolescents, elderly people, nursing mothers, for gout patients, as well as people who have resorted to bariatric surgery (reduction of the stomach in order to combat excess weight). However, most people prefer the main dietary plan, called "Plan 5 and 1".

What is this diet plan? Figures "5 and 1" refer to meals: 5 times a day you need to use ready-made products Medifast, and one meal will be a dish of low-fat protein foods (meat, fish, seafood, eggs) with a garnish of vegetables, which you will need to prepare yourself.

The diet is quite diverse, as Medifast offers more than 70 different products. Also on sale there are ready-made sets of products,designed for 2 or 4 weeks of diet, buying such a set will allow you not to think about what products to buy: you get a ready-made menu from a variety of dishes.

In order that you do not have to think about what to cook in the 6th meal, Medifast specialists offer different variants of vegetable and low-fat protein dishes. All protein dishes are divided into 3 categories independing on the fat content: dishes with a minimum, low and medium fat content. Vegetables and greens, served on a garnish for protein dishes, are also divided into 3 groups, only depending on the carbohydrate content.

The Medifast diet imposes restrictions on certain foods: fats, cereals, dairy products, fruits, alcohol. But it is necessary to drink at least 64 ounces (about 1.8 liters) of low-calorie drinks. Note that such a diet can contribute to the development of susceptibility to caffeine, so a day should drink no more than 3 servings of drinks containing caffeine.

The Medifast diet refers to low-carb diets with a high protein content. Consuming about 800-1000 calories a day, you can lose about 1-2 kg per week. Medifast program allows you to reduce the amount of calories consumed, but thanks to a specially designed menu you will not feel hungry.

Medifast products contain enough nutritioussubstances for satiety, help regulate blood sugar and hunger, burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. The diet should be accompanied by physical exercises, but physical activity should be moderate, especially during the first few weeks of the program. Active loads are not only unnecessary, but even contraindicated.

The main disadvantage of the Medifast diet is the need order products on the official website of the company. However, with the development of Internet commerce, buyinggoods from abroad has ceased to be such a troublesome business. In addition, you can always agree with your friends about a joint purchase to save on delivery.

Plus such "locality" of the diet is good information support service. On the website of Medifast, you can find optionsmenu, a brief diet guide and other background information, join the online community to get advice from "diet friends" or share their experiences with them.

Despite the fact that for us the diet Medifast is still a curiosity, residents of the US and European countries have been successfully using it for several decades. Of course, no diet is suitable for everyone, but thanks to a carefully thought-out menu, this diet plan is fairly universal and harmless. So learn online shopping and try it!

Diet Medifast
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