Weight Loss TreadmillRunning in the morning is a very effective way to lose weight. But because of the weather conditions, jogging in the morning is not always feasible, so you have to use a treadmill. Weight Loss Treadmill - this is an excellent substitute for the morning run.

Of course, lessons on the treadmill give their results only if the right approach is taken. It is often possible to encounter such a problem thatdespite all the activities on the treadmill, the extra pounds do not disappear. Do not think that the treadmill is ineffective. It was simply wrong initially to eat and approach to classes.

Do not assume that to cope with the problem of excess weight you will only help the treadmill. For weight loss, you should also consider various other factors: time of exercise and proper diet. To begin with it is necessary to stop on a diet.

That you really could lose excess weight, one hour prior to employment in an exercise room it is necessary to eat the food rich with carbohydrates. Of course, it is contraindicated completely,but it is impossible to conduct classes on an empty stomach. To ensure that your workouts are effective, you should eat a small portion of food one hour before classes that will give your body 60 grams of carbohydrates. It can be either half a pack of bread or just 4 spoons of cooked porridge. All carbohydrates should go to your strength training, which should last at least 50 minutes. But on the treadmill you will already burn fatty tissue.

To run on the treadmill was the most effective, you should practice on this treadmill every day. The minimum number of classes is 5 times a week. Only in this case the treadmill will bring the desired results. Now it is worth to tell in more detail how to be engaged on a treadmill.

The best results run on the treadmill will bring you only in the mornings. At this time, fats are burned best. But you can always study at any other time of the day.

As in the running classes, The training time on the treadmill and the number of loads should always be increased gradually. Start with a small, let the duration and intensity of running will not be the highest. Gradually, you can increase the running time.

The minimum running time on the treadmill should be 30 minutes per day. The longer you run, the more effectivethere will be classes. But even with such a schedule, you should extend the running time to 45-60 minutes a couple of days a week. Only with this approach your training will bring the desired results.

The running track for weight loss is good because It already contains numerous regimes, which you can use: resistance, incline of the running belt, acceleration, etc. You can use this or that mode, but you can choose it yourself. The mode you set up also allows you to maintain the desired heart rate. Weight loss on the treadmill will be effective only if you run at 50-70% of the maximum heart rate.

To find out the optimal pulse for training, you you can use the simple formula. From 220 (maximum HR) subtract your age andMultiply this result by, for example, 0.5. The result will be 50% of your heart rate. You can also multiply your difference by 0.6 to get 60% of the heart rate and 0.7, which is 70% of the heart rate.

Also you can find out, what kind of training is more effective for you: running or walking. To do this, you should measure with a pulse meterthe speed of your pulse during a five-minute run at a speed of 7 to 9 km / h. Record the received indicators. After five minutes, slow down so that your breathing will calm down. Then raise the running belt of the track by 3-6 ° and walk along it. Again, remove the indicators, then reduce the intensity of the load and stop. Look, when your pulse was higher: during running or while walking.

If your pulse was higher during a run, you will need such a system for losing weight:

  • warm-up: 10 minutes of quiet walking at a speed of 4-6 km / h

  • 1 section: 5 minutes walk uphill at a speed of 4-6 km / h with a slope of 3-6 °

  • 2 section: 2 minutes of running at a speed of 7-9 km / h. Slope must be zero

  • 3 section: 1 minute run at top speed

If your pulse was higher while you walk, you will find such a scheme for training:

  • warm-up: 10 minutes of quiet walking at a speed of 4-6 km / h

  • 1 section: 7 minutes of running with a speed of 7-6 km / h without slope

  • 2 section: 2 minutes walk with a slope of 2 °, then increase the slope by another 2 ° and walk for 2 minutes. Raise this bias until you reach a 10 minute walk. Similarly, lower the slope and go down

These segments, both for the first and second system of occupations, should be repeated 3-4 times. Correctly chosen training systems give you a guarantee that you will lose weight.

Weight Loss Treadmill
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