How to choose a treadmillThe jogging track is an excellent simulator,thanks to which you can follow your figure. Using a treadmill for weight loss is very effective. But it's not always possible to allocate time for visiting gyms. The only way out of this situation is to buy this simulator. And so that you are not mistaken in your purchase, the Country of Soviets will tell you, how to choose a treadmill.

The choice of a racetrack is reduced to that you personally for yourself have solved, what kind of simulator do you need?: for home use or forprofessional occupations. Professional treadmills are always in the gym. They are very functional and meet all the requirements of athletes for this simulator. Treadmills for the house are not so functional, they are a bit more compact, and they cost an order of magnitude cheaper than professional ones, so decide what kind of simulator you need. And to make it easier for you to choose treadmills, they can be classified into several classes: economy class, amateur, Hi-End, professional.

Running tracks of economy class are the cheapest. They have a minimum number of functions,the width of the running belt does not exceed 33 cm. In the amateur racetrack, various training programs are provided, which you yourself can choose or customize. The width of the running belt is not more than 39 cm. The jogging tracks of the Hi-End class differ from the amateur ones only in the size of the canvas. In these treadmills, its width varies between 45-50 cm. Professional treadmills, of course, are equipped with all possible adaptations. Such a treadmill is an ideal "smart" simulator due to the fact that the computer controls the pulse of a person and chooses the optimal load on the body.

In addition to the above classification of treadmills, one should also take into account the type of simulator. According to their type, the treadmills are divided into mechanical (magnetic) and electric. How to choose a treadmill in this case? A mechanical treadmill is a very economical simulator: it is driven by the runner himself, so it should not be connected to the network. In addition, the magnetic treadmill is not very heavy and compact enough, so it is great for home use. But the mechanical treadmill has a lot of flaws, the most important of which are the absence of special training programs and too much stress on the joints. At the same time, do not forget that the mechanical treadmills are not as effective in sports as electric, and will not bring you the desired results.

The electric treadmill works by an electric motor, which is responsible for the speed of the runningcanvases. On the control panel of the simulator you can monitor the effectiveness of training, ask yourself the type of load or set the angle of lifting the running cloth. Of course, the cost of the electric treadmill is much higher than the mechanical one. Also, do not forget about the costs of electricity, due to which the treadmill will work.

If you opted for an electric treadmill, you should pay attention to the power of the electric motor. Its maximum speed depends on its powerrotation of the running belt. Often in advertising indicate the peak power of the motor, but for racetracks an important indicator is the constant power. Be sure to ask the seller what constant power this or that treadmill has. Usually an electric motor with a capacity of 1.5 liters. from. enough for a treadmill, which will be used by people weighing not more than 80 kg. But still it is worth considering that the more powerful the motor, the safer and more quality your simulator will be.

When choosing a treadmill, it is very important to take into account the characteristics of the running cloth. To select the correct treadmill forat home, pay your attention to the running cloth. Look at how many layers it is made of. The more layers, the softer your running. Yes, and a soft running cloth will last you much longer than hard.

It is very important to take into account the dimensions of the running cloth. Be aware that during the race you should notStumble, so do not choose a treadmill with a narrow running belt. But too wide and long the running cloth also should not be, because such a simulator will be very cumbersome, and the cost of electricity is also worth considering.

Before selecting a treadmill, pay attention to the control panel. See what basic options she has. Also, it is not superfluous to ask the seller what additional options are available on the treadmill, so that you can choose the best training program for yourself.

In addition to all the above criteria, also pay attention to such additional functions as protection from children and emergency stop. Safety during the use of treadmilltrack must be above all, so be sure to see if the handrails prevent you from running. Also look at how the running belt stops and starts moving. In these moments, the start and stop should be smooth.

How to choose a treadmill
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