Kinds of fitness: cardiovascular equipment
Conditionally all simulators are divided into two groups: power (these are those that are designed to develop strength, flexibility, increase in the volume of individual muscle groups) and cardiovascular equipment (to improve the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, increase the endurance of the body as a whole).

Today we will talk about cardiovascular equipment. Regular classes on them contribute to changes in muscle tissue, increase the number of capillaries, which allows you to better supply the organs with oxygen. In the process of such training increases metabolism, one of the sources of energy for our body are the stores of fat, spending which, we get rid of excess kilograms.

The main species cardiovascular equipment are: orbitreki, treadmills, exercise bikes (saikli), steppers and rowing machines. This equipment imitates the habitual and natural movements for a person - running, skiing, climbing stairs, rowing, cycling.

Treadmill. Probably, as she looks, imagine everything. It is believed that this is one of the most effective methods of burning fat. During running, a person transfers the weight of his whole body in space, metabolic processes in the body are accelerated as much as possible, burning calories and strengthening the body.

Stepper - the type of simulator that simulates the rise ofstairs. He most actively trains the front surface of the thigh. Along with kardionazgrukoy, well works the muscles of the legs and gluteal muscles. There are models equipped with special levers for hands, allowing during training to load and the shoulder belt.

Exercise bike. Its main advantage is thatthe exercises are performed sitting, thereby relieving the load on the spine and a number of joints. Therefore, exercise bikes are ideal for people with back injuries and knees. These compact, comfortable and comfortable exercise simulators strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, leg muscles and gluteal muscles.

Orbitrack (elliptical simulator) is a kind ofa combination of the three previous equipments. When exercising, the muscles of the legs, hip joint and upper humeral girdle are involved, and the load on the spine, knee joints and ankle joints is almost completely excluded. Very often, the orbitrek is used for rehabilitation purposes after some injuries.

Rowing machines. By training on these simulators, you engagealmost all the muscles of the body. To a greater extent this simulator is suitable for men. Do not abuse the class if there are any problems with the back. Exercises on the rowing machine are ideal for forming an athletic figure.

Modern technologies in cardiovascular equipment are notcan not please. The equipment has a computer center that analyzes your condition during training and, in accordance with the results obtained, regulates the intensity and time of the session. From the point of view of security, this is very important. The computer will not let your heart rework, it determines the heart rate with the help of special sensory sensors that give the most accurate indicators.

Computers of simple models allowcontrol the basic parameters of training - pulse, time, distance traveled, calories. In more complex models, the computer allows you to plan training, automatically changes the load, determines the degree of fitness of the organism. The cardio equipment can store information about the results of previous sessions, and also contains various training programs.

Kinds of fitness: cardiovascular equipment
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