Problems with the spine and fitness

The spinal column is the support of the whole organism,so the health of other organs depends on how healthy and durable it is. Our spine has a unique ability to take different forms, to bear any strain, providing us with a carefree existence. But, unfortunately, for the time being, until the time. If you do not take care of the spine, it can break down, and it's very difficult to restore it.

There is an opinion that the main problems with the spine arise because of injuries and heredity. In addition, its vertical position contributes to heavy loads. But, in most cases, illness is the result of an incorrect, often sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity.

Already Since childhood, we have subjected our body to supporting incorrect loads. For a long time we sit at the school desk (there's nowhereyou can not get by), due to - we have scoliosis, we carry a briefcase, and later a bag in one hand, after which the spinal cord twists. It seems that we move as conveniently, but the load on the right and left sides is distributed far unevenly.

For the correct position of the spine, special internal muscles and back ligaments respond, it is on their mobility and elasticity that thethe health of our spine. Internal muscles perform the role of an invisible corset, which supports the spine in a vertical state. They must necessarily train and do it better not at home on an independently chosen system, but under the supervision of a specialist in the fitness room.

Unfortunately, to date, problems withthe spine is, if not at all, then the majority is accurate. Loads in sports depend on the severity of the disease (curvature of the spine has three stages - scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis). In most cases, to start it's best to do aqua erobics or swimming: in the water, the spine "unloads" and only muscles work. It is also useful to walk at an average pace (for example, on a treadmill).

And here from active dance aerobics classes and step it is better to refuse, because you should avoid sudden movements. In the gym under the supervision of an experienced instructor it is desirable to choose a set of strength exercises, mainly on the muscles of the back. It is better, of course, to train on an individual program, because with many diseases on one side of the spinal column muscles are overstrained, and on the other - too relaxed. Also the first time of training is best combined with a massage.

Osteochondrosis - Another serious disease, this changeintervertebral discs, in which the vertebrae are deformed, and, as a consequence, the elasticity of the ligaments decreases. The results of the research have established sad statistics: by the age of 40 about 80% of people suffer from this disease. According to some reports, by the age of 60, the percentage of patients to some extent reaches almost 100%. But it can be prevented.

Preventive measures to prevent developmentThis disease must be started in youth, different for stretching exercises are suitable for prevention. Yoga, pilates, stetching, callanetics will suit you as well as possible. If you already have such a disease, and you decided to do fitness, remember that in case of serious complications, such as a herniated intervertebral disc, yoga is contraindicated, but again, aqua aerobics is a mustwill give some relief. Also you will have to give up jogging and many game sports. And be sure to warn your fitness instructor about having this disease.

Problems with the spine and fitness
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