Why is swimming useful?

Probably, swimming Is the most pleasant type of physical activity. And for all: both professional swimmers, and amateurs make a couple of swimmers to the opposite shore, and those who simply prefer to pobarahtatsya in shallow water.

Water is beneficial on people of different sex and age, pregnant andbreastfeeding women, people with various disabilities in the state of health. Swimming classes are very suitable for those who have been limited in movement for a long time or have never practiced sports and fitness, if the power sports are contraindicated, if there are problems with joints, back and overweight.

Swimming allows to strengthen the organism in a complex way and improve the appearance of a person. It increases stamina, develops flexibility, increases the performance of all muscle groups. Actively trains the muscles of the abdomen, arms, shoulder girdle, hips, buttocks. In addition to muscle training, swimming strengthens the joints, gives them flexibility, especially in the thighs, neck, arms.

In the water, the static stress of the body decreases, the load on the spine is reduced, which inThis case is correctly formed, a good posture is developed. At the same time, the active movement of feet in the water strengthens the feet and prevents the development of flat feet.

Risk of injury while in the pond, minimum - You need to try very hard. Water reduces the body weight of a person 10 times, and the innate ability to stay on the water allows you to avoid bumps. The main danger is a psychological sense of fear and fear of depth. Therefore, in swimming lessons each time overcoming himself, a person develops purposefulness, perseverance, self-control, determination, courage.

With regular swimming lessons the organism becomes hardened, it improvesthermoregulatory function, immunity is strengthened, as well as the nervous system, sleep becomes calmer, the appetite and general tone of the body increases. Especially swimming is recommended for those who, in the main, have a sedentary lifestyle. The horizontal position during the swim facilitates the return of venous blood to the heart, preventing venous congestion. That's why swimming is an excellent way of patients with varicose veins, chronic thrombophlebitis of the legs.

Regular swimming exercises stimulate gas exchange in the lungs more than gymnastics: the amount of work of the diaphragm increases due to the greater depth and frequency of breathing. Specialists in the field of physiology argue that simply standing in the water for 3-5 minutes at a temperature of 24ºC, you can increase the depth of breathing in half, and the metabolism by 50-75%. therefore Swimming is an indispensable type of physical activity for those who suffer from excess weight.

Reducing the body's body weight of water allows forless effort to carry out movements, which facilitates the achievement of the goal. In addition, smoothly performing movements in the water, a person unloads his musculoskeletal system. You can learn to swim at any age. If you decide to do this in the pool fitness club, it is better to use the services of a personal trainer. So it will be more effective. In group lessons, the result is more difficult, because each trainee has a different degree of preparedness and assimilation of information.

Average, for a person you need 20-40 lessons to not only learn to stay on the water, but also to acquire the skills of proper swimming in several ways. And, of course, apart from the training itself, the goal that you so strive to achieve is important. Having a clear view of the result, it's much easier to go to it!

Why is swimming useful?
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