Fitness bar
Modern fitness clubs offer a lot of additional services for the convenience of customers. This and all kinds of solariums, a sauna, a massage room, a beauty salon, a children's room, fitness bar... You ask why in a sports wellnesscomplex is some other bar? After all, in our understanding, the word "bar" is nothing more than an institution where they consume alcoholic beverages and not very useful food.

Physical stress and alcohol, of course,are incompatible. Well, as for the meal, then before the training - it is impossible, during training - once, well, after - and do not want to nullify the result.

Actually, A fitness bar is a place where you can relax and unwind after a workout., and also enjoy something delicious withhealth benefits. Here, visitors are offered light drinks, deliciously brewed coffee, freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes with natural-based syrups (they should not get too involved, because they are high-calorie), as well as a wide choice of sports nutrition of leading manufacturers.

Competent specialists will help you choose food supplements and sports nutrition. After all, their correct selection increases not only strength, energy and power, but, first of all, replenishes energy costs, helps the body cope with heavy loads.

AT fitness bar menu you can always find energy drinks,which help to quickly switch to sports, especially in the morning or at the end of the day. Almost all power engineers include caffeine in easily digestible form (it raises the tone), taurine (improves heart function), carnitine (increases metabolism and reduces muscle fatigue). Of course, you should not abuse energy drinks, because, under their influence, you will not feel tired and risk overworking.

Given the characteristics of your body, the trainer can recommend you protein cocktails, there are several types. They contain 25 vitamins and trace elements, proteins and carbohydrates, so very useful and tasty. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements that get directly into the cells, without spending the strength of the body to digest fiber and fiber. According to many trainers, for those who are engaged in fitness is not professional, but for themselves, to drink juices better than sports nutrition.

There are also phyto-fitness barswhich offer a wide range ofexotic juices, namely combinations of their ingredients, for example, carrot-beet, cucumber-celery-ginger or oxygen cocktail based on medicinal herbs. Also here you can be offered tea or coffee. Tea cards are made in accordance with the orientation of this institution, and in them you can find herbal, diuretic, tonic, carcade, teas for weight loss, as well as rare elite varieties of black and green tea.

In the fitness bar there must be drinking and mineral water. After all, during training with sweat from the bodya lot of liquid comes out, and the water balance needs to be restored. More water is needed to wash out the metabolic products formed as a result of physical exertion from the muscles. Drinking water can be consumed by everyone without restrictions, and about mineral consult with the coach.

Despite the fact that it is recommended to take food not earlier than an hour after training, Fitness bars offer a wide enough menu of dietary dishes. These are fruit salads, various low-caloriesnacks, steamed or steamed chicken and fish. Basically, opposite the name of the dish, its caloric content is indicated so that the visitor watches his diet.

Fitness bar
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