Fitness for Beginners

For the fact that you have at least decided for yourselfto engage in any physical activity, you are worthy of respect. After all, while the rest will peacefully rest after working on a sofa or drinking beer with friends, discussing global issues, you will sweat in the fitness hall, lift heavy dumbbells, do not quite comfortable exercises, stretch your muscles, endure appeared from unaccustomed krepature.

As in any other case, in fitness the main thing is to start right. After all, if something did not work out at the first lesson,until the second one you just can not reach, citing the fact that this is not yours and in general you came simply out of interest. For beginners, the world of fitness is a dark forest, in the dense fog of which there may be unpleasant surprises in the form of injuries, bruises, dislocations and fractures. And all - from ignorance and crazy goals to get the result immediately.

We all remember the well-known proverb "Patience and Laborall peretrut. It is patience and you need to stock up by going to the fitness club. Set goals must be achieved gradually, trying to take from each workout the maximum benefit. Here, as in life, nothing happens by chance, and nothing appears from nowhere. Do not think that without any effort, some universal technique can make you a bodybuilding star with the body of Jean Claude Van Damme, the dexterity of the characters of Jackie Chan and the power of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a couple of days.

It is important not to start classes with a heavy load. Even if it seems immediately that you do notit's hard - do not overdo it, because tomorrow you can just not get out of bed. If the weight at the initial stage seems to you not significant - then this is not an excuse to immediately add kilograms to the bar, try to moderate your ardor, and gradually increase the load.

Be sure to warm up before training (this is the case if you do nota special program, in which there is already a warm-up, which is conducted by the coach). After all, most visitors to gyms neglect to perform a full warm-up before training, at best, a couple of times will sit down and hang a little on the bar. The essence of any warm-up is the warming up and stretching of the target muscles, as well as the preparation of the cardiovascular and nervous systems for intensive work, so that training is as effective and safe as possible. Performing simple exercises, you can achieve that the necessary muscles will be stretched and heated, and therefore prepared for hard work.

Be sure to drink water during exercise. Norma - a couple of sips of water every 15-20 minutesclasses. After training, you need to fill the water balance and drink as much as you lost during the session. Determine this amount can be weighed before and after training. Dehydration leads to increased fatigue, overloads the cardiovascular system, leads to overheating of the body. In addition, it prevents the burning of fat. Blood thickens and carries oxygen to cells, and fats in our body are oxidized only when reacting with oxygen.

If you have any questions, please contact the instructors ortrainers. They also work in fitness clubs to help you at any moment, to make you a plan of study, to explain the principles of the work of any simulator, etc., in general, make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the training.

Fitness for Beginners
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