Fitness and personal hygiene

In everyday life, we often encounter issues related to our personal hygiene, fitness classes are not an exception. Here - their nuances, which you need to know if you decide to attend a fitness club.

So, let's start with the most obvious. Unfortunately, The gym and swimming pool are the ideal place to spread all sorts of skin infections. Using in the hall any sportsstock, whether it's dumbbells, barbells, fitness equipment or gymnastic benches, remember that before you they already used a large number of people, so no sterility is not talking. Therefore, there is a risk of catching an infection. But you can solve this problem: just put on gloves and take a towel with you. Sweat from the face wipe only with a towel, but in no case by hand. Do not touch your eyes and mouth. First of all after training, go not to the locker for changing clothes, but to the sink and wash your hands well.

If your body has small cuts, scratches and abscesses, you must process them before training. In open wounds, you can easily enter an infection, so they should be glued in advance with adhesive tape. If the scratch is small, smear it with an ointment with an antibiotic.

After training, some women with sensitive skin may have red "pimples" on their legs. it first signs of folliculitis - Inflammation of follicles, hair sacs,The bacteria that inhabit the swimming pools and Jacuzzi cause bacteria. To avoid this, after a visit to the pool, take a shower with antibacterial soap, and consult a dermatologist.

In places where the skin is often in contact with the benchDuring exercise, dark spots and streaks may appear, due to the skin rubbing against the surface of the simulator. At the place of contact, the skin becomes denser and becomes darker. Therefore, before the start of training, lubricate the corresponding parts of the body with a softening lotion or massage oil. This will save you from the appearance of rough areas on the skin.

According to statistics, every second client of a fitness club suffers from skin diseases caused by exactly fitness: rash, acne, rubbed, fungus. Tight clothes together with damp from sweatskin create ideal conditions for the development of yeast fungal infections. Specialists in the field of dermatology advise carefully wiping the body after taking a shower.

It is recommended to wear women for training not simple, but sports bras, made by modern technology froma fabric that absorbs moisture. Under the bra of such materials, the skin will no longer be wet and overheated. But if such a problem does appear, it can be treated with antifungal creams. However, before you start treatment with products that are sold without a prescription, be sure to consult a specialist. Even if it seems to you that your problem is not that serious. Imagine how offensive it will be: the waist and hips are ready for demonstration on the beach, but the skin - well, not at all.

If you have a predisposition to dry out your skin, then you need to be careful about the soul aftertraining. Do not get carried away with too hot water, and some kinds of soap, in particular, antibacterial. Take a shower, of course, it is necessary, but only let the water should be a moderately warm temperature. Soap is better to replace with a moisturizing gel, but also in moderation. Be sure to use lotions and body balms, especially after the pool.

Fitness and personal hygiene
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