Fitness programs
If you decide to do fitness, then, in addition to choosing a sports club, you need to decide on the fitness program. Since the needs and tastes of all are different,there are many such programs in order to choose one's liking. If you want to lose weight, but do not like to dance, then you will need strength lessons that develop strength and endurance, strengthen and develop the muscles, improve the shape of the body.

In accordance with your goals, you can chooseclasses in the gym (with mechanical simulators) or in the hall for group programs. If, along with strength training, you like choreography, then classes of mixed type will suit you. Well, if you are a big fan of dance, then dance classes will open their doors to you with pleasure.

Programs for the development of coordination of movements, balance and stability - eg, Pilates or callaneticwere created on the basis of different types of easterngymnastics. Pilates and callanetics refer to the so-called "slow" fitness, these programs are based on stretching and statistical exercises that force all muscle groups to work actively. Training does not cause tension of the spine and joints, develops flexibility, muscle tone, improves posture, relieves neuromuscular tension. For women, it is especially relevant that these programs have a very powerful action, correcting the figure. With the help of pilates and callanetics, muscles will acquire an elongated "ballet" form.

There are also cardio programs, which develop aerobic endurance, improve the activity of the cardiovascular system, and also have a powerful fat burning effect.

These include not only group work in the hall, but also running, cycling, swimming. The most popular programs now aimed at developing flexibility are: yoga and stretching. They allow you to give the body flexibility at the expense ofstretching and proper muscle relaxation. Freedom of movement, lightness and plasticity increase with the development of flexibility, which, in turn, helps to minimize sports and domestic injuries. These programs help improve the condition of the muscles and nervous system, and are an excellent prevention against the deposition of salts. During stretching, there is also a release of somatotropin - a strong fat-burning hormone, also responsible for the development of endurance and muscle mass.

Fit Bol - one of the fitness programs, which is acycle of rolls, inclines, lifts with gymnastic balls. This way of training is perfect for both children and adults. For fit-bola, multi-colored inflatable balls are used, matched individually for growth. For example, with a person's height of 165 cm, the maximum diameter of the ball should be 55 cm, and with an increase of 185 cm, the maximum diameter - 65 cm. Specialists consider such balls a unique simulator that helps to develop the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips and buttocks. In addition, these classes are very enjoyable in performance, because the exercises themselves are simple and tireless.

In any case, no matter what type of training youhave chosen to start with low intensity lessons that gradually and gradually lead you to a high level of complexity and will allow you to consistently develop your physical qualities.

Fitness programs

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