Choosing a fitness club
So, you seriously decided to take care of your healthand a figure. To begin with, you are going to run around in the morning and perform exercises yourself, which you remember from the lessons of physical education. The first three days you are trying to do it all, but the further, the more difficult it is to force yourself. A familiar situation, is not it? Therefore, it is much simpler and, of course, more effective in the modern fitness club under the supervision of an experienced instructor surrounded by the same activists as yourself.

In our time, the deficit of fitness clubsYou can not complain, therefore, there is something to choose depending on your requirements and wishes. First of all, ask yourself, what would you like to do, what kind of pursuits do you like - power in the gym, swimming in the pool, rhythmic movements with dance elements? Fortunately, there are lots of options.

A good fitness club should have a wide program of lessons, designed for different levels of training. In addition to the athletic (gym) room, it can be different directions of fitness: yoga, callanetics, pilates, tai-bo, kickboxing, classical, aqua and step aerobics, oriental, Latin American dances. Your choice depends on what goals you set for yourself - to reduce your weight by removing a few extra pounds, or work on certain muscle groups, or improve your body's flexibility by stretching.

Perhaps, the most important when choosing a fitness club is the high professionalism of coaches and in general all working personnel. After all, from these people, from their personal andprofessional qualities will depend on how often you want to spend your free time in this fitness club. Who, if not the instructor, will monitor the correctness of the execution of the necessary exercises and that no one folds his neck (as well as other parts of the body), trying to independently learn about the simulators and other sports equipment.

Your first impression is important. In the club you should be welcomed and givenanswers to all questions of interest. They should also be allowed to get acquainted with the main premises for classes and the situation. Ask the administrators at what time the club is most and least visited, whether there is a swimming pool, a sauna, a solarium, a phytobar and other services. Pay attention to the details, the people who are currently engaged in the club. A benevolent atmosphere will help to feel relaxed and at ease, which is important for the classes.

Take an interest prices for services in the fitness club. Usually, most clubs offer their customers season tickets or club cards. Carefully read the terms: what services are included in the price, which are paid additionally, are there any compensations in case of cancellation of employment, is it possible to work out the missed workout on another day. Find out about the discounts and services that are included in the price of the subscription: shower, sauna, free visit, gym, etc. You can purchase a free visit card, it costs more, but it will justify itself.

In the fitness club there must be a well-equipped gym. Available should be cardiovascular equipment (runningtracks, exercise bikes, rowing machines) and power equipment for all muscle groups. In the halls for aerobics - must mirror walls, because you must see yourself and the instructor. Pay attention to the presence of weights of different weights, step-platforms, balls for fit-bol. Find out all the exciting questions right away. It's your time, money and, of course, health.

Choosing a fitness club
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