Morning running
Morning jogging often recommended as a means to lose weight and for the overall health of the body. Running, you can burn calories, "stir up" your body, develop stamina.

ABOUT benefits of morning runs disputes and discussions have been held for a long time. After all, after sleep, the body takes some time to get involved in the work, and running loads can be excessive for a "not awake" organism.

That the morning run was really useful and pleasant, it is necessary observe a number of rules and conditions. First, you do not need to strive to go for a run as soon as you wake up. During the time that you wash and dress, the body will finally "wake up" and will be ready for the load.

Going for a run, you should think about your sports equipment. Dressing is convenient, according to the weather. If the temperature on the street does not exceed 10 ° C with a plus sign, then a knitted cap is required, which closes the ears. Shoes must also correspond to the weather - for jogging in winter it is better to wear warm sneakers.

Start a morning run need with a little workout. For warm-up, you can walk like an intense step, jump, do a light stretch, a few sit-ups. Thus, you warm up the muscles, prepare them for further work.

Actually Running should be started with a minimum tempo and within two to three minutes bring your pace tooptimal. At the same time, the intensity of the race should be chosen based on your capabilities and the tasks that you set for yourself. If your goal is weight loss, then you can use a "ragged" pace, i.e. alternating alternation of accelerations and a calm pace (jogging). Each acceleration lasts about 1-2 minutes. To strengthen your immunity and maintain a good state of health, choose jogging at the pace at which you have a minimal shortness of breath.

You need to run right. Legs should be slightly bent at the knees, body weightdistribute to the full stop, land from the heel to the toe. The body should not be tilted, and the arms should be bent at an angle of about 120 ° C and do not intersect in front of the chest. Do not strain your neck, shoulders, hands, or squeeze your jaw.

It is extremely important on the morning jogs (and not only) the correct breathing technique. To inhale air follows a nose, and to exhale - a mouth. With such a breath, oxygen is uniformly saturated with the lungs. You need to try to breathe in and out, breathe smoothly, not too often. When to breathe is "unbearable", it's time to finish the run - unnecessary torture to anything.

To finish the morning jog is necessary gradually. From running, go to step, evening your breathing. In no event can you stop abruptly, or, especially, fall on the grass. For the hitching, you can perform a few simple, relaxing exercises.

Duration and the "mileage" of the morning jogging you needChoose according to your athletic training. An untrained person can not immediately begin classes with large races for long distances. In addition, muscle pain and a sense of "exhaustion" do not add enthusiasm to run regularly. Therefore, you need to start with a minimum duration, even if it's only 5 minutes. Gradually increase the duration of the jog for 3-5 minutes every day.

Taking a shower after jogging is important not only withaesthetic, but also from the physiological point of view. Running, you sweat and, together with sweat, slags and toxins are removed from the body. If this sweat is not washed away, then all these harmful substances will re-absorb into the skin.

Before embarking on the morning jogging,you need to make sure that you do not have health problems in which such activities are contraindicated. Be sure to consult a doctor, can you jog, if you suffer from cardiovascular disorders, have problems with joints or spine, serious vision problems. You should also temporarily stop your workouts if you catch a cold.

Running is a wonderful sport and if you follow all the necessary safety measures, then morning jogging will bring you only benefit and joy!

Morning running

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