Emotional StressIt is known that it is impossible to suppress emotions, because thisvery bad. But there are certain limits to decency, and even with outsiders, it is not always possible to show all the emotions that are raging inside of you. A long emotional stress leads to unpleasant consequences.

Emotional stress can be compared to stress, which from time to time everyone experiences. But the fact is that stress is a consequence. But the reason is all your emotions, which you tried to extinguish inside yourself. Of course, you can learn to control emotions, which is very useful when communicating with other people. But after all, not everyone knows that emotions should not constantly restrain themselves, but spill out from time to time. If you do not, the person will have emotional stress.

One side, Women in the issue of emotional stress are much worse than men. Women almost always feel the storm insideemotions, so it turns out that keeping them in emotional stress is much easier than men. But women express their emotional tension very often on others. This is often helped by a friend who can be weeping at the waistcoat.

Men, in turn, are not as emotional as women. But the state of emotional tension is familiar to them as well. The whole problem is that Men can not afford to throw out emotions, as women do. The woman cried and forgot, but the man stillfor a very long time experiencing their anxieties, resentment and any disorders on this or that occasion. Therefore, it is much harder for men to struggle with emotional stress than for women.

Emotional stress is required to be removed. Emotions can not be suppressed, because they are nothing more than your inner energy. So it turns out that all your accumulated energyyou leave in yourself. You may think that the energy of emotions can be directed to the right direction, but this is not entirely true. Internal emotional stress leads to the fact that health problems begin. So, constant fatigue and stress are all the consequences of emotions that you have tried to extinguish in yourself for a long time.

Removing emotional stress is necessary, because you can be at work or at home when You will no longer control yourself and can literally explode. And show all the negative to your favorite people or employees, you see, it's not very pleasant. What to do in this case?

To avoid getting into a similar situation, you will need to relieve the emotional stress. This will help you with various methods and strategies that you can apply in any situation. They will always help you to remove your emotional tension.

Reduction and partitioning. When you next experiencebecause of the situation, try to look at it differently. Do not try to cover the whole problem, but break it into smaller parts. You will see that you will not experience the small parts of the whole situation very acutely. And the way out of the problem can also be found much faster than usual. You can also advise to counter your problem with something more global, more significant. The main thing is for you to reduce your own problem for yourself.

Certainty. Very often emotional stress arisesbecause of some uncertainties that do not give you rest. Most often, the reason for this is the lack of information to make the right decision. Do not be nervous about this, but rather concentrate on where you can get the information you need.

The model of multiplicity of results. If you are nervous, that your case is doomed tofailure, model for yourself the multiplicity of developments. Thus you not only can calculate any situation that will develop, but also calm yourself.

Physical exercise. With emotional stress you will be helpedto cope with physical activity. Try to go to the gym, do yoga, or start running in the morning. You will see how you feel better. If you do not want to exercise, you can load yourself with any other physical work. You simply do not have time to worry about various problems.

Humor. Remember how many ridiculousfilms, humorous performances are staged and poems written about the problems that are familiar to every adult person. This is not done in order to expose someone as an idiot, but that everyone can assess the difficult situation from a comic standpoint. Humor always helped to cope with any difficulties. Try and you treat with a sense of humor to your problems. After all, you yourself will create positive emotions, which will have a good effect on your mental state.

Emotional Stress
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