Why do men lie?Lies, deception and betrayal. From the mere mention of these actions can throw in a shiver. And sometimes we all become deceived, abandoned to the mercy of fate and forgotten by our beloved people. Deceived once, second, third ... And then you start asking yourself, why do men lie, and should they be trusted?

Of course, people should be trusted and trusted. After all, if you put all the same standard, then you can be disappointed in the world forever. After all, everyone is lying, whether it's a small household lie for the sake of saving the situation and good relations or a deliberate deception in order to have your own profit. So, can you believe men?

Of course you can. But we should always remember that it's simply impossible not to lie. Therefore, one should not focus onall words and promises, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy with your suspicions. To prevent this from happening, you should know why men lie. As it turns out, there are not so many lies, and many of them women already know, but do not always remember. So let's look at the root of the problem.

Psychologists singled out five main reasons why a man lies to a woman. All the reasons for lying are banal and simple: from boredom to an example of society. Let's take a closer look at every reason for lying.

Boredom. Lack of emotion and boredom makes a manto lie. Thus, whipping intrigues, men raise their spirits. On the other hand, stagnation in relationships and a monotonous family life also lead to the fact that the man lacks emotions. Therefore, it starts to wake up a passionate hunter. He wants to win more and more new ladies. But the fact is that such a lie in the name of entertainment often goes to the burden of men. They would also like to stop lying to a woman, but they can not stop. Such men can only sympathize, because inside they are unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives.

Example of parents or the pressure of society. Why do men lie, it's easy to guess. Especially, if you know in what environment they grew or work. A bad example is contagious, you know, especially if it comes from parents. Every child considers the behavior of his parents as a standard, therefore imitates them in everything. Therefore, the habit of lying with such men is formed from childhood.

The pressure of society with its stereotypes also leads to the fact that the man is lying. But in this case he tries to defend himself, so that you do not look weak. Everyone knows the public stereotypes that a man should be strong, determined, courageous, etc. But not every member of the stronger sex can match this description, so you have to constantly lie about your position and status.

Trying to avoid conflict. Of course, life can not be without conflictsone man. But the conflicts in the family are all very acute. And if a man deceived you, then he tried to avoid an imminent conflict. The answer to the question why men lie lies in the relations themselves in the family. Women do not like various secrets or nedomolvok, so constantly trying to find out what lies on the soul of your loved ones. Such attempts to understand the relationship do not like any man. Hence a lie appears. But do not think that in this way men try to avoid quarrels. After all, they also resort to lies in the name of saving a marriage that is falling apart. But this does not always mean that such good intentions help.

Sex. Agree that everything is clear here, why they liemen. To induce a woman to bed, a man is ready to promise with three boxes, and all just for the sake of one result. So even if you are led to this trick, try not to get hung up on the promises given to you. After all, they will not come true anyway.

Revenge - this is the last reason, because of which mencan lie. Very often, women do not tell how much their cosmetics or clothes really cost. Sometimes men themselves begin to understand that their beloved ones spend a lot of money on themselves. So do not be surprised that in retaliation your man will begin to hide the real cost, say, of a new accessory for the car.

Why do men lie?
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