Middle age crisis in menThe hero of Mel Gibson in the movie "Beaver" put a plush toy-beaver on his hand and talked to everyone exclusively on his behalf. Do you think schizophrenia? No, it's just middle age crisis in men can manifest itself in different ways - including eccentrically enough.

In youth, young people are full of hopes and dreams,make plans (sometimes unrealizable) and try to take advantage of all the opportunities provided. But time goes by and at some point in life (usually years in 35-40) it turns out that opportunities were irretrievably lost, and old age from a distant perspective became a very real threat. Here and begins a long depression - middle age crisis.

By the way, even those men who have reached significant heights in a life are subject to the crisis of middle age. In this case, the cause of depression is not regret for missed opportunities, but boredom and satiety. In their lives, there is already everything they can wish for - and how now to live on?

The crisis of middle age in men can be manifested in different ways. Someone commits impulsive actions (say,dramatically changes the work). Someone is sinking his grief in alcohol. Someone "goes to the left", confirming the saying "gray hair in a beard - a demon in the rib." That is, men try to either get distracted from the problem, or create the appearance of its solution. Meanwhile, alcohol destroys health, treason - family, and the need to start all over again on a new job makes you feel like a salad and even a bigger loser if something suddenly fails.

Some men childhood, more precisely, in adolescence. They begin to change their mood often and unpredictably, they make rash acts. And some people on the contrary start behaving like old-fashioned old men, constantly scolding everyone and everything. Or generally lock themselves to themselves.

Often men fall into extremes. If a man used to be active and sociable,he can turn into a recluse, avoid friends and generally gatherings of people. And quiet and calm men often run into all serious, as if trying to make up for lost time.

Are there ways to overcome the middle age crisis in men? Of course, there is. But The fight against any problem must necessarily begin with her awareness. Often in their problems a man blames not himself,and the environment - his wife, children, boss, colleagues. He thinks that they have changed, but he has remained the same. We need to take a break and think about what went wrong and why it happened at this particular moment in life.

There are several ways that help to survive the crisis of middle age. The first is the most effective, but the most difficult. A man must himself reassess his convictions, decide what rules and regulations are accepted by him and which ones are imposed from the outside. If you can not do it yourself, the second way comes to the rescue - work with a psychologist. The third way is more common in the West than we have. it group therapy and psychological training. A group of people with similar problems is being recruited, and together they (under the guidance of the coach, of course) find solutions.

During this period, a man is especially important for the support of women, you can not throw it alone with problems. He already feels like a loser, so why exacerbate this condition? Any man needs approval of his actions, he needs someone for the sake of whom he will reach new heights. A truly wise spouse will help smooth out the negative manifestations of the mid-life crisis.

The hobby can help to cope with the crisis. If a man has a favorite occupation that brings him pleasure and is safe for him and others, it can be a good help in overcoming the crisis.

No matter how trite it may sound, Overcome the crisis of middle age in men helps patience. The psychological crisis is a natural stagemental development of man, to prevent it is almost impossible. So women should be reserved for sensitivity and patience, and men - find the strength to recognize the problem and solve it, instead of trying to forget themselves in alcohol and adultery.

Middle age crisis in men
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