Manipulation of peopleManipulation of people Is a complex technique that many scammersuse for their own benefit. But even during business negotiations, you can often notice numerous attempts at hidden manipulation. To protect yourself from outside influence on you, you need to know the different methods of manipulation.

Manipulation of people is often hidden. Agree that openly suppress the willanother person will be very difficult. To do this, you will need to initially find a person who will easily go on about anyone. And there are very few such people. Therefore, most often, hidden manipulation of people is used.

The art of manipulating people is very multifaceted, because there are so many ways to control the course of thoughts of the interlocutor. But often every manipulator choosesyourself only 2-3 ways, to which he constantly resorts. What pushes a person on this path? Of course, own benefit. After all, manipulation of people is invented specifically to force the interlocutor to dance to someone else's pipe.

Do not think that you can manipulate absolutely everyone. Actually there are people who do not succumb to either hypnosis or manipulation. People cheat such people. After all, mostly all manipulators feel the mood of their victim well. Without this skill, all actions will be brought to nothing. Manipulators choose a weak point in any person: it can be his interests, beliefs, habits and even a way of thinking or mental state. The main thing is to know how and what to press. After all, depending on what exactly pressure will take place, a certain method of influence will be chosen. There are a lot of such manipulations. Consider the most famous of them.

Win-fee. Such manipulation of people is a favoriteamong the scammers who are rubbing themselves into our confidence. They declare that we have won some prize or cash reward. Of course, if you really made an effort, then so it can be. But when from you there was no contribution, but you get a reward, even if it will be a discount card in the store or a small gift, you should think about the goals these people are pursuing.

Displacement of attention. About this method, how to manipulate people,said another well-known psychologist Milton Erickson - the creator of the world-famous Ericksonian hypnosis. Manipulation by people, built on the shift of attention, is very simple. Its essence lies in the fact that your attention is deliberately switched to a trifle, which has nothing to do with the important business. You are simply distracted from more important moments. In this case, the manipulator uses the method of providing a false choice. So, you can choose to choose one option from two or three proposed, which will suit you best. But the fact is that no matter what you choose, the manipulator will win in any case. After all, it's not that the decision depends on you. The bottom line is to distract your attention and thus get yourself into trust.

Discrepancy of information. To recognize the inconsistency of information,which is transmitted through different channels, you need to know the basics of non-verbal communication. Then you can see that the interlocutor's speech does not correspond to the rest of the information that his gestures convey.

Time Deficit. Manipulation by people also impliesuse of time frames. So, you can not very long discuss an important topic with another person. But here he, referring to other plans, gets up and is about to leave. And at the same time he can demand from you that you immediately decide on the issue that has just been discussed. So you are intentionally driven into a corner.

There are still a lot of ways to manipulate. But You always need to know how to guard against manipulation. Since any manipulation of humans involvessuppression of another's will and influence on mentality, try to listen to yourself. If you feel any discomfort, attempts to impose someone else's idea, infringement of your authority or the inclination to make a decision right now, go away from such a conversation. Tell the interlocutor "No" and stand not your own. And do not give in to provocation or any pressure. After all, you are trying to manipulate.

Manipulation of people
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