Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee jointDo your feet often ache? Are you stumbling down the stairs? Is it difficult for you to bend your knees in the morning? Or maybe your knee joints suddenly begin to crackle loudly when you go for a long time with a heavy bag? If you answered "yes" to at least two questions, there is an occasion to visit a doctor and become interested in folk remedies for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint. Running deforming arthrosis of the knee joint can significantly complicate your life and even lead to disability. But if you take care of your feet on time, it may very well be that the means of the national pharmacy will be enough, and you will avoid serious complications.

What is arthrosis, and can it be treated with folk remedies?

Arthrosis is called an inflammatory diseasejoints, causing their deformation, severe pain and limited mobility. Osteoarthritis is often confused with arthritis, although in fact, it is quite easy to distinguish between them. In arthrosis, the disease affects the joints, leading to a change in their shape and destruction of the cartilaginous tissue. Arthritis is a more serious disease, it is an inflammation (most often infectious) not only of the joint, but also of a variety of internal organs - the heart, liver and kidneys. Unlike arthrosis, the treatment of arthritis even at the initial stage of the disease should be medicated, folk remedies for getting rid of it will not be enough.

How can you understand that you have arthrosis, and notarthritis? In fact, in either case, the knees ache. It is enough to pay attention to your condition at night and in the morning. With arthrosis, pain intensifies during the day and stops at night, in the morning you will feel only that your legs are "numb during the night" and your knees are difficult to bend. If it is arthritis - for a night the pain, on the contrary, will increase, and the knee can and at all swell and blush. If you suspect arthritis - run to the doctor, treatment should be started immediately!

Who can get arthrosis?

Arthrosis - a common disease, they are sick with 10% of the population of our planet. There are a number of factors that increase the risk of getting this ailment.

  • Women get arthrosis much more often than men.

  • The risk of the disease increases with age - after 40 years the chances of getting sick significantly increase.

  • Representatives of the Europoid race suffer from arthrosis twice as often as other inhabitants of the planet.

  • Excess weight increases the load on the joints and increases the risk of the disease. After 20 extra pounds, the risk starts to increase by several percent for each new kilogram.

  • A number of diseases contribute to the occurrence of arthrosis. This varicose veins, atherosclerosis, any metabolic disorders, gout, endocrine and systemic diseases.

  • There is a genetic predisposition to arthrosis - if your older relatives have suffered from this ailment, you are at risk.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee jointBut the most common cause of arthrosis is stillare considered microtraumas of joints, resulting from excessive physical exertion. Arthrosis is not in vain called an athlete's disease. The most dangerous are:

  • Injuries to the meniscus - they can be the result of falls, unsuccessful leg movements or attempts to maintain balance.

  • Long static loads on the joint - they arise because of a long time in an uncomfortable position with bent legs. The most damaging is considered to be a long squatting.

  • Excessive strain on the joints - the most traumatic for the joints skiing, snowboarding, jumping, running, football, basketball and parkour.

Attention: if you are overweight and try to lose those extra pounds by running, your chances of getting arthritis grow several times. Running is contraindicated for you, replace it with fast walking.

When is effective treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies?

In the development of arthrosis, there are usually 3 stages,each heavier than the previous one. At the beginning of the disease, folk remedies are most effective and even capable of completely stopping the development of the disease. However, most often, unfortunately, people at this time do not pay attention to their knees, considering the pain in them as a result of usual fatigue. In the second stage of arthrosis, patients often use folk remedies together with prescribed medications. The third stage of arthrosis to folk remedies, alas, is insensitive: they can be used at this time only to relieve the most painful symptoms, but the effect of the disease itself practically does not have any effect on the course of the disease itself.

1 stage of arthrosis:

  • Minor leg pain while walking

  • Difficulty getting up from a chair or from a bed

  • The pain in the knees passes, if "diverge", but then comes back and amplifies from a long walk

  • Disrupted coordination when walking the stairs, especially when descending - ???? feet "cling" to the steps

  • From physical exertion knees begin to ache

  • Knees swell and hurt from being in a bent state, such as in a car or plane

  • There may be pain in the knees when trying to squat

  • After sports training, swelling and fever in the legs appear

  • One knee hurts more than another

  • After rest with elongated legs, the pain passes

This stage can last for several years, andthe use of folk remedies for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint at this time will be most effective. But do not forget to visit a doctor, you need constant consultations with a specialist.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

2 stage of arthrosis:

  • The pains increase, now they appear even from minor loads

  • Knees begin to hurt when carrying even small weights

  • When you move in the knee joint, you hear a sharp cracking crunch

  • When trying to completely bend the leg there is a sharp pain, the knee hardly bends more than 90 degrees

  • Pain in the legs only after a long rest

  • The deformation of the joint becomes noticeable: the knee is flattened and becomes much wider than before

  • The fluid accumulates in the joint, this makes it even more difficult to move

At this time, you must carefully follow the doctor's prescriptions and recommendations. And folk remedies will help you get better quickly and get rid of arthrosis of the knee joint forever.

3 stage of arthrosis:

  • Pain in the legs becomes almost constant

  • In rest the pain also does not pass, it can only weaken a little

  • To fall asleep, we have to look for a "good position" for the legsTreatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

  • Increased meteosensitivity: the legs are very sore "to the rain" and "to cold snap"

  • The mobility of the knee joint is sharply reduced, and it becomes difficult or impossible not only to bend, but also to unbend the leg completely

  • The gait changes - the person always walks on half-bent legs, rolling over when walking "like a duck"

  • Knees are severely deformed, they become so wide that the legs acquire an X-shape or an O-shape

  • The crunch in the joint becomes audible even at night from the smallest movement

  • Physical loads are not possible

If the disease has reached this stage, folk remedies are used to relieve swelling and reduce pain, this makes it easier to have the patient.

Folk remedies for the treatment of knee arthrosis deformans

All folk remedies for arthrosis are divided intoexternal and internal, depending on the way they are used. Many people think that if they hurt their knees, it's enough to rub them or compress them, and the pain will pass. This is not quite true. External funds are really enough to relieve pain, but to cure such an unpleasant disease as deforming arthrosis, the body must also receive a whole complex of substances necessary for it. Therefore, in the treatment it is not necessary to neglect any group of drugs known to us from the national experience.

Folk remedies for internal use in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

If you have arthrosis, start treatment withcorrection of their diet. Increase the amount of meat in your diet. Particular attention should be paid to broths prepared from cartilaginous bones - ???? soup, cooked on such broth, should be on your table at least once a week. Try also to eat as much as possible of the diluted cartilage, they are necessary for you. Turmeric and ginger should become spices that you use constantly. Completely eliminate the use of such a familiar drink, like tea. From tonic drinks you will be served only coffee.

As often as possible, try to drink:

  • Herbal tea from the leaves of berry bushes (raspberries, currants, strawberries) with chamomile, cones of hops and sweet clover.

  • Strawberry tea from dried berries, young leaves and strawberry shoots.

  • Broth of dogrose (1 tablespoon dried berries for 1 liter of water, cook on low heat for 10 minutes).

  • Cowberry infusion (1 tablespoon of berries for 1 liter of boiling water, insist 20 minutes)

  • Lemon fruit juice (1 lemon with peel chopped in a blender, pour in 1.5 liters of water, infuse for 30 minutes).

  • Acetic refreshing water (2 tsp apple cider vinegar per 1 cup boiled water)

  • Dried fruits compote

In addition, a lot of good reviews receive such folk remedies for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint:

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Infusion of cranberry leaves

Brew 2 tbsp. spoons dried leaves cranberries 1 liter of boiling water, wrap a saucepan with a blanket and let it brew for 1 hour. This amount of infusion is enough for 2 days. Drink half a glass 4 times a day before meals.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Frozen leaves of dandelion

Collect the leaves of the dandelion and spread them wholeto dry. It is necessary to dry in a semi-dark, well ventilated room. When necessary, take 3 dry sheets, fill them with a small amount of boiling water to make the leaves steam. Drain the water, and chew the leaves like a cud to the state of liquid gruel, while in the mouth it will be chewed.

Do not use this tool more than once inday, even if you notice a good positive effect of the drug. The fact is that the leaves of the dandelion are poisonous, and increasing the dose, you can do yourself harm.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Onion broth

Take 2 large bulbs, remove only the mostupper, dirty layer of husks. Onion together with the remaining husk finely chop, pour 1 liter of boiling water and cook for about 40 minutes. Allow to cool and strain. Drink onion broth 3 times a day before meals, 1 glass. Use this tool for 1 week, then take a break for 3 months.

Folk remedies for external use in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

There are a lot of such means, and one can often hearrave reviews about this or that miracle composition, which guarantees almost an instant relief from arthrosis. But, unfortunately, the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint - ???? the process is long regardless of whether you will only use folk remedies, or supplement them with medical appointments. The key to success in the treatment of this ailment will be your attention to your condition, the thoroughness of the prescription and the systematic use of the chosen means. For external use in the treatment of arthrosis usually use a variety of rubbers, compresses and baths.

Formulations for baths in the treatment of arthrosis

Baths in the treatment of arthrosis used to be givenundeservedly little attention. Meanwhile, it is an excellent remedy for relieving edema, getting rid of fatigue after physical exertion, an excellent way to deliver medicines directly to the affected joints. Recently, the best reviews receive such medicinal bath preparations:

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Bath from pine needles

A stock conifer concentrate for such a bath is notsuitable, you can use only real pine branches. I need to prepare it in advance, in the summer. Cut and dry small young pine twigs, from old branches collect green needles. And last year's needles harvested from the ground for baths can not be used.

For 1 bath, take a full handful of needles and pourits 2 liters of boiling water. Add 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt and boil for 15 minutes. on low heat. Allow to stand for another 20 minutes. and pour the broth into a filled bath. The temperature of the bath is slightly higher than usual, but not burning.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Jerusalem artichoke bath

2 handfuls of dried stems and Jerusalem artichoke leaves pour 3 liters of boiling water. Add 2 tbsp. spoons of honey and boil for 20 minutes. Pour the broth into a filled bath.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Bath with sea salt

In 3 liters. boiling water, dissolve 1 kg. sea ​​salt, add 3 tbsp. spoon of soda, pour the solution into a filled bath. The water in the tub should be as hot as you can tolerate.

Sea salt for a bath can be bought in a pharmacy, soda is needed ordinary, a dining room.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Bath with hay

Take 3 handfuls of hay and fill it with 3liters of boiling water. Wrap with a towel and allow to cool slowly to room temperature. Pour into the tub with the trash. Hay for a bath take only fresh, without traces of mold.

It is necessary to stay in a medical bath from 10 to 20minutes. While taking a bath, lightly massage the affected joint in a circular motion. After the bath, draw a mesh on the knee with iodine. Take therapeutic baths can be no more than 12 consecutive days, then take a break for 3 months.

If, for any reason, it is difficult for you to take a bath, you can replace it with a bath for a sick joint for the same recipes.

Razirki for knee joint for arthrosis

Rastirki for the treatment of arthrosis according to folk recipes are usually prepared on alcohol (it can be replaced with vodka), but sometimes enough honey or turpentine.

The most effective rubbers:

  • With birch buds: 100 g of birch buds per 500 ml of vodka, insist 30 days in a dark place.

  • With nine: 50 g of dry elecampane per 125 ml of vodka, insist 12 days in a dark place.

  • With turpentine and camphor: 150 ml of vodka, turpentine and vegetable oil, a piece of camphor the size of a pea; Shake to emulsion; stored in a refrigerator, in a bottle of dark glass.

  • With the mummy: 3 g of mummy powder, add 100 g of honey, stir until completely dissolved.

  • With a dandelion: 1 part of the flowers of dandelions is taken 1 part of alcohol, insist in a dark place, in a bowl of dark glass, for 30 days.

  • With eucalyptus: on 100 g of dry leaves of eucalyptus 500 ml of vodka, to insist 1 day at room temperature, store in the refrigerator.

  • With honey and iodine: alcohol, honey, iodine and glycerin in equal amounts, stir and insist for 3 hours.

  • With yolk and turpentine: 1 raw yolk, 2 tbsp. spoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp. spoons of turpentine, everything is good to stir: after rubbing necessarily wrap up the knee.

All rubbing is applied at night, so that the medicinemanaged to absorb as much as possible. Rub the product into the skin in circular motions from the bottom up, capturing not only the diseased joint, but also the adjacent skin areas. It is best to do it with a piece of cotton wool or a cosmetic pillow moistened with a sponge. Remainder of medicine in the morning, rinse with warm water.

Compresses for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

Compresses from arthrosis are known to be numerous. We will share with you the most proven recipes. If you have experience in using such folk remedies, tell about it in your reviews.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Compress from cabbage leaf

Take a head of medium size, cut it intosmall pieces. In stainless cookware, stir cabbage to a semi-liquid gruel. This can be done with hands or nonsense. Add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey and stir well.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Compress of oatmeal

6 tbsp. spoonfuls of flakes "Hercules" pour 2 cups of boiling water and cook for 10 minutes.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Compress from sour milk with chalk

Sour milk - curdled milk or kefir - mixwith crushed chalk to a consistency of liquid slurry. Chalk can be replaced with crushed eggshell eggs, if you are sure of the health of the hens who gave these eggs.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Compress of celandine

Gather a fresh celandine (do this ingloves, so as not to damage your hands), pound the stems and leaves to the state of the gruel and add them to a liter jar. Fill with vegetable oil in a ratio of 1 to 1. Olive oil is best, but sunflower will do. Stir and insist for 2 weeks in a dark place. Carefully strain.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Honey pack

1 tbsp. Spoon the honey mixed with 3 tbsp. spoons of apple cider vinegar.

All compresses from arthrosis are imposed as follows:

  1. With a mixture prepared for the compress, spread the diseased knee quite thickly.

  2. Cover the top with a clean piece of thin linen cloth.

  3. On top of the fabric wrap the compress with a piece of clean polyethylene of a larger size.

  4. Over the polyethylene wrap the knee jointwoolen cloth. It is best if it is thin so you can do a few turns around the joint. Synthetics do not fit, half-wool, too - the fabric should be pure-wool. It is most convenient to use a piece of an old downy kerchief.

  5. You need to compress in the evening and leave it on your knee for the whole night.

  6. In the morning, gently rinse the remnants of the compress with warm water and thoroughly wipe the skin.

  7. Compresses are applied for 3-4 weeks each evening in a row.

Treatment of folk arthrosis of the knee joint

Wraps of burdock

This long-established treatment for arthrosis has proved itself very well. You will need 6 leaves of medium sized burdock or 4 large leaves

  1. Wash off the dirt from the leaves and stack them together, one on one, with a velvety side down

  2. Press the stack of leaves on top of the pot with boiling water for 30 minutes. They should be steamed and fermented a little.

  3. Lubricate the diseased knee with vegetable oil and wrap with burdock leaves (lower, velvety side to skin).

  4. From the top, wrap the joint with polyethylene, and then with a woolen cloth. Leave it overnight.

Use folk remedies for the timely treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint and be healthy!

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