Raw food: raw cheese and other varietiesIt is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a stove andMicrowave, and the daily diet - without boiled and fried food, is not it? But after all, we did not always eat that way - our distant ancestors were engaged in gathering, and the basis of their diet was raw fruits. Now such a diet adheres to the dietary system under the name raw diet.

Raw food is a food system that Excludes the use of food that has undergone any heat treatment. It includes fried, boiled, smoked,baked, stewed, steamed food. In the diet, you can also include dried food (for example, dried fruits) without seasonings and salt, cold pressed vegetable oils and sprouted cereals.

Devotees of this food system consider raw diet the most biologically natural nutritional value for humans: cooked food, meat, milk simply could not be present in its food chain. In their opinion, raw food is the optimal menu for any person, because it was provided by nature itself.

In addition, people who are eating raw food, believe that this food system useful for health: it helps maintain a good physical shape, stay healthy and fight diseases.

Traditional Raw Food on the composition of the diet most closely resemblesveganism (veganism) - strict veggie, excluding from the diet any products of animal origin. But there are other varieties of raw food. They can differ quite considerably in the composition of the diet, only the main "commandment" of raw food is left unchanged - food should not be subjected to heat treatment.

Types of raw food

Raw food includes such varieties:

  1. Omnivorous raw diet. Food is allowed to eat any food (vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, seafood, eggs, milk), but only in a damp or at least cured form.

  2. Vegetarian Raw Food. Meat and fish can not be consumed, but raw eggs and milk, and sometimes dairy products are allowed.

  3. Vegan (traditional) raw diet. This is the most common type of raw food, allowing the use of exceptionally raw food of plant origin. Any food of animal origin is prohibited.

  4. Carnivorous raw food (raw food of the Paleolithic era, raw cheese). This is a type of raw food - the least common, its adherents eat raw meat, fish, seafood, eggs, animal fat. At the same time, the share of vegetables and fruits in the diet is minimal.

  5. Fructorianism. The ration includes only raw fruits, mainly fruits and berries. It is forbidden to eat vegetables that are not fruits (cabbage, beet, radish, carrots, potatoes) and cereals.


In addition to the above varieties, differing in the composition of the diet, the raw diet is divided into two subtypes, differing in the methods of diet planning. Mixed Raw Food allows in a single meal to eat several foods that are similar in nutrient content (for example, different types of fruit). A raw cheese (CME, monotrophic raw diet) allows one meal only one type of food without salt and seasonings.

Syromonozhdenie allows you to consume only raw food of plant origin. In one meal only one food can be eaten (for example, only apples, or only nuts, etc.). You can drink only water, not during meals, but separately from food.

Cheese-making does not fix time of food intake, its quantity and the interval between meals. It is best to rely on your own feelings - a break between the use of different products can be half an hour, and a few hours. But the longer it is, the better.

Immediately after awakening, there is no need - the first meal should be delayed longer. It is best if the first meal is easy and not very satisfying. At least noon, the first serious meal can take place.

Syromonozhdenie calls to listen to your body, but at the same time try to narrow the diet to a minimum. It is better to eat more than to suffer from hunger.

Benefit and harm of raw food

Is it useful to eat raw food (like cheese-making, and its other varieties) for the body? Adherents of this power supply system will definitely say yes. But most dieticians are not so optimistic. Constant strict raw food is unlikely to benefit children and adolescents, pregnant women and young mothers. But as a temporary diet, moderate raw diet can be useful.

Raw food is a not yet fully understood food system, which has both supporters and opponents. If you decide to try raw food, Your best advisor and assistant is your own organism. If you feel good and even better,than before, raw food is what you need. But if raw food does not work, health problems begin - it's better to return to the usual diet.

Raw food: raw cheese and other varieties
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