Swimming is the most useful sportSwimming is the most useful sport. For healthy and convalescent after ailments, for the elderly and people with physical disabilities. Swimming treats scaly and osteochondrosis, makes joints flexible, tightens the abdomen and improves the work of internal organs. It gives excellent results if you deal with it year-round.

Training in swimming at an early age servesexcellent preventive against scoliosis, postural disorders, muscular dystonia, strengthens the respiratory or cardiovascular systems, says the magazine "Family Doctor." Australian technology, considering this, designed a swimming pool with a movable bottom, which allows you to easily adjust its capacity and depth. Such a pool can be quickly built at home, on a sports ground, in a park or in a rehabilitation center to teach children swimming.

In the presence of strong stoop, doctors recommend swimming.

Swimming forms posture, strengthens muscles,tightens his legs and makes a thin waist. Swimming increases the overall endurance of the body. It gives excellent results if they are engaged year-round, at any time of the year. And preferably 2 times a week.

Swimming is practically not contraindicated for anyone. According to some experts, this is the most useful kind of sport for healthy and convalescent after illnesses, for the elderly and people with physical disabilities.

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