Types of fitness: stretching

The very word stretching (stretching) comes from the English stretch,that in translation means "pull", "pull". Therefore it is not surprising that this type of fitness is aimed specifically at stretching the muscles. The complex of exercises is designed specifically to make the joints more mobile and flexible, and the muscles - elastic.

Many people mistakenly believe that stretching the musclesOnly athletes should be involved in order to achieve the best results in competitions. In fact, lack of elasticity of the muscles can cause various injuries, sprains, dislocations, fractures. That's why stretching is needed, as one of the elements of training, in any sport and physical culture, including such simple ones as walking and running. Also good stretching is a pledge of beautiful posture. After all, they still want to look great, and not seem stooping and hunchbacked.

High mobility of the spine will reduce the likelihood of pain in the back. Also stretching helps to improve coordinationmovements and injury prevention. Stretching exercises contribute to an increase in general motor activity in the elderly, contributing to the prevention of premature aging of the joints and the fragility of bones. However, the most important effect of stretching is psychological. Classes lead to better mood, increase self-esteem, create calm and a sense of psychological comfort.

Just like any other kind of fitness, stretching has its own rules. Before the exercises should be done warming up. This will help improve blood circulation and increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles. All movements need to be done slowly and smoothly. The average duration of one exercise should be approximately 60 seconds. It is necessary to relax the muscles, because stretch the strained muscle is almost impossible. When doing exercises, follow your posture, your back should be level, and you also need to remember quiet breathing. It is necessary to breathe slowly, deeply and evenly. You can not hold your breath.

Start each exercise with inspiration. Only when bending it is necessary to exhale first. Still important is the concentration of attention. On what? On a separate muscle or a separate muscle group, over which you want to work. You have to set a goal, to imagine in your mind the bones and muscles, as well as their connection. Then you can imagine how the muscle or muscle group stretches, the distance between the joints increases, and you mentally relax this muscle. Thus, the work is done inside your body, and then turns into a specific exercise. And the last important rule is the regularity of classes and the gradual increase in the load.

Stretching happens: Active (stretching the body parts are performed(the stretch is helped by a partner or an instructor), dynamic (the muscle stretches to light tension, after which there is a smooth transition to the stretching of the other muscle), ballistic (it is forbidden for stretching because it is performed by jerks and springy actions), static (doctors recommend it as the most effective, with her posture fixed for 15-60 seconds).

In addition to increasing the elasticity of muscles, stretching helps also improve blood circulation and lymph circulationin organism; slows down and makes certain processes in our body gradual due to aging; removes various pains caused by stresses and strains of the nervous system.

Types of fitness: stretching
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