Kinds of fitness: Budokon
This type of fitness appeared recently and immediatelyHe also found his followers, namely Hollywood celebrities, famous models and athletes. Jennifer Aniston, Rene Russo, David Arquette, Amber Valletta and many others immediately became admirers of the new exercise techniques, which turned out to be a whole philosophy of life for them. After all, popularity brings to the stars not only money and fame, but also nervous breakdowns, mental exhaustion, they are constantly under the gaze of the paparazzi and crowds of fans. Therefore, celebrities seek not only to have an ideal figure, but also a spiritual balance, to live in harmony with their inner world and those around them.

Budokon is a complex type of fitness in whichunited traditions of yoga, oriental martial arts and meditation. In Japanese, Bu-Do-Kon means "the path of a spiritual warrior". Developed this technique Cameron Shane in 2000. Classes Budocon consist of two parts - physical exercises and meditation of Zen. Being engaged in a booth, it is impossible to do something right or wrong. The students themselves decide what is best for them. Cameron Shane teaches you to trust yourself, listen to your body. Physical exercises are built on a combination of ancient and modern types of yoga and martial arts. All Budokon techniques are aimed at studying the movement of the body.

Attention is paid to the classes speed, strength, balance, lightness and smoothnessmovements. Exercises are divided into two interrelated series: yoga and budo. Part of the yoga exercises focus on control, calmness, strength and accuracy of movement. The budo series is performed standing, individually or in a group, and combines elements of karate, jujitsu and taekwondo. This part is aimed at the development of speed, strength, agility and concentration. Ends with a sitting meditation of Zen. Budokon has its own philosophy, which includes elements of Zen Buddhism and Chinese Taoism (the concept of yin and yang).

Besides, Budokon recommends switching to vegetarian food. The basis of the diet should be vegetables, cereals,Nuts, seeds and, of course, fruit. Sugar is excluded, meat and products of animal origin are undesirable. All food consumed by the adherents of this fashionable technique must be organic, that is, grown and produced without any kind of chemistry. In the evening on the eve of training, it is recommended to eat a bowl of oatmeal or brown rice (or any other carbohydrate food, which slowly digests and releases energy), and in the morning one hour before class, you can eat something small and easy to digest (apple, half a banana). On the day of training it is better not to eat anything but fruits, and drink only water.

Also in the Budokon has its own moral code, which calls for less talk, bepatient, respectful and moderate, do not become attached to things and not be imposed on people. Budokon develops self-confidence, teaches you to seek answers to all questions in your own subconscious. During the training, Cameron Shane does not answer any questions: you and your body know better than others whether you exercise the exercise correctly, whether you receive enough load.

Now Budokon is popular with millions of people around the world. The most widespread it was in America and Japan, not so long ago began the conquest of Europe.

Kinds of fitness: Budokon

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