Types of fitness: callanetics
According to the creator of this system of exercises, Callan Pinkney, the key to a beautiful and slender figure is the workwith all the muscles of the body. Our whole body, like a cobweb, is braided by muscles and due to their training it is possible to create an effective figure. When any muscle group is not involved in the work, then at this point immediately appears fat. It can be burned in aerobic exercise, because during these exercises blood intensely carries oxygen, which turns into pure energy, reacting with fat at the chemical level.

Just for such aerobic training and applies callanetics, which is actively working on fat burning. At the heart of the studies of callanetics are stretching and static exercises, which force deep muscular groups to work. Therefore, the deeper parts of stale adipose tissue begin to lose weight quickly. Callanetics gives amazing results, which become noticeable after only a few sessions. Weak and thin muscles as a result of training become strong, beautiful and give the body an excellent shape. Callanetics exercises are done with a stop, each pose is held for 1-2 minutes, as a result of which the muscles receive the necessary load.

Comparing different types of fitness, Pinkney says that hour of callanetics is equal to seven hours of classical shaping or 24 hours of aerobics. Therefore, her exercise technique allowsachieve good results in a relatively short period of time. It's interesting that Callan herself is at the age of "50," but she has an excellent figure. In her childhood, she had problems with her hips, and to get rid of her shortcomings, the girl was engaged in dancing and diving, the elements of which she then used in her technique of improving the figure.

Callanetics is a unique complex of exercises for all parts of the body: legs, buttocks, hips, arms, shoulders, back and abdominalpress. This technique includes exercises from various types of oriental gymnastics and special breathing exercises. Static movements are aimed at micro-contraction of muscles. In callanetics there are no jerks and jumps, so you do not have to worry about your knees and back, the tension of the neighboring muscle groups is not different.

During training all muscles develop evenly, the levelmetabolism - metabolism in muscle mass - sharply increases, which means that when you are engaged, you burn more calories, using small muscles, while isolating large ones. This will allow you to experience completely new and unusual for you sensations.

The basic rule of callanetics is that every exercise you needperform 30 to 100 times. Movements should be done smoothly and slowly. Signal to stop the gymnastics will be an easy painful condition in the muscles. During the classes you can drink water, it must be, of course, mineral, at the most extreme, boiled, but in no case from the tap. The amount of water is individual, but you must stop when you feel that you can drink another glass.

Being engaged in this kind of fitness, you can improveposture, get rid of osteochondrosis and back pain; normalize metabolism and strengthen the immune system; get rid of excess weight; create a beautiful line of thighs, removing all unnecessary, and tighten the buttocks; give your body flexibility, lengthen muscles without excess volume; improve the tone of the body; strengthen joints; Reduce your exposure to stress, and learn to own your body.

Types of fitness: callanetics
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