Types of fitness: aqua aerobics
To popular types of fitness is also aqua aerobics. If you are able and like to swim, as well as notsuffer from diseases that prohibit contact with water, you can safely try to practice aqua aerobics. This type of fitness is suitable for all age categories, it is useful for athletes recovering from injuries received, as well as for pregnant women.

Aqua aerobics you can study and in special pools of fitness clubs, and in natural reservoirs, the main thing is that the depth should reach about one and a half to two meters.
Classes are a set of exercises,which are carried out in water. With your body movements you overcome the resistance of water, which gives the necessary strain on the muscles and the body as a whole. The weight of a person in water is much reduced, so you are safe from dislocations or other joint injuries. Training is conducted by an instructor on land, and a group of people engaged is placed in front of him in the water. Like any kind of fitness, aqua-aerobics is performed under musical accompaniment with different tempo.

Occupation program includes exercises on flexibility andstretching of muscles, ligaments, walking and running in water, rotation around its axis, jumping, swinging hands and feet, different dance steps. These exercises burn far more calories than similar movements on land. Not in vain for "ground" running it is recommended to use a special shoe with shock absorbing (softening force of impact) heel, because during the run on the ground the shin is strongly affected by constant impacts to the ground. Also, during running, there is a risk of falling, dislocation, stretching of the muscle. Running in the water does not have such negative consequences at all.

Also in the classroom sports equipment is used, for example, elastic bandages, fins, planks,hoops, loads fixed on wrists or ankles. With the help of ski poles, exercises, resembling slalom or ski races, are performed in the water. Small paddles or ordinary planks are used to simulate rowing in a boat. Just fists or with the help of tennis rackets and golf club sticks can represent the movements of the boxer in the fight.

Before training it is recommended to do a small warm-up and stretching. This will prepare the body for the basic exercises andwill help prevent any discomfort in the muscles after them. As a warm-up, you can run for a couple of minutes on the bottom of the pool at an average pace, actively helping yourself with your hands. Also, to prepare the muscles of the legs, try to make the swings straight left and right alternately back and to the side. 30 times with each foot is enough. It is useful and easy to massage the stomach with water streams: you need to couple your hands in the lock and drive water along the abdomen up and down.

Pluses from the lessons of aqua aerobics are many. First of all, classes in the water helprelax, relieve muscle and nervous tension, strengthen the nervous system. During training, there is also a kind of massage, which is provided by the surrounding water. Thanks to it, the skin becomes moisturized, elastic and elastic. Water massage does not allow to accumulate in the muscles being trained lactic acid, so even after the most intensive training you will not feel pain. And this despite the fact that during the aqua aerobics classes virtually all muscle groups work. In addition, exercises in the water can relieve the spine and, adding special exercises, you can correct the posture. It is also important that aqua aerobics is the least traumatic type of fitness.

Types of fitness: aqua aerobics
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