Types of fitness: cycling

Cikle (from the English. cycle - bicycle, ride a bicycle) - this is a training in the fitness room on a special exercise bike. We can say that the cycling is designed for those who like cycling, who decided to lose weight fast. Cycl refers to the category of extreme fitness - the load in it is very large. Therefore, this type of training is recommended for people with good health.

Do not get carried away aerobics on a saikl to those who have problems withheart, injured knees or there is varicose veins. For those who suffer from reduced pressure, such a physical exercise, on the contrary, will be useful. But only under condition of trainings with gradual increase in load.

Cicle Training (Spin training) is usually conducted in the formatgroup exercise and provides for a mandatory warm-up, which includes free-torsion of the pedals, inclination of the body, flexion of the elbows to the sides and down, acceleration, exercises in the standing position. Then there is a gradual increase in the intensity of the load and an increase in the load on the pedals - simulated driving through the sand, swamp, plain, climbing the mountain and descending from the mountain. The final part of the lesson includes breathing exercises, stretches of the upper body of the muscles of the hips and shins on the exercise bike.

Originality and main feature of training on spinning (saikla) ​​is in the presence ofeyes of training special screen, on which different landscapes replace each other. For example, if the image of the mountains is on the screen - then you need to press the pedals, the valley landscape tells you that you can rest a bit, when winding paths appear, then you need to carefully choose the route. Thus, without leaving the room, you can overcome a long way in a "beautiful area" in forty-five minutes drive.

Sikkul training contributes development of the cardiovascular system, increasegeneral endurance, strengthening of the muscular system, weight reduction. This kind of physical activity is perfect for rehabilitation after trauma and illness. Working with a small intensity, you improve blood circulation, help the body to get rid of toxins, reduce the likelihood of pain in the muscles after intensive workloads. Before you start, you need to get advice from an experienced specialist. He will help to master the basic methodology, as well as learn to alternate cardio and force loads. After mastering the technique of pedaling, you can safely go on conquest of the route of any complexity.

In this training program there are complexes,designed to a certain level, which allows each trainee in the process of progress to regulate his workload, focusing on the degree of training. For example, Cikle Reebok (Cycle Reebok) aerobics is available to absolutely everyone, it can be used without problems at home. It includes such programs: Cycle + - this is a class for the trained. In this system, the alternation of cardio and force loads is applied in one lesson. Thus, strengthening of the muscles of the whole body and weight reduction is achieved.

Reebok Cycle Intro - this is a class for beginners, exercise bikes simulate racing bikes. Tour De - more advanced course of the previous one. Bike Trial - an exercise for those trained on exercise bikes, reminiscent of racing bicycles. The cardio part takes 30 minutes. Occupation of medium intensity. Bike Race - a set of exercises for those trained on exercise bikes. High intensity lessons are taught, the cardio part is 35-40 minutes.

Types of fitness: cycling
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