Kinds of fitness: power trainers
We already talked about one of the types of equipment for fitness, namely cardiovascular equipment. Today, "at gunpoint" - Strength Trainers. If you dream of a beautiful athletic figure and a sculptured musculature, then you can not do without their help.

Power simulator is a kind of sports simulators, which is used to perform physicalexercises, based on the power load of certain muscles of the body, due to the application of efforts to overcome the loads of the simulator. Strength simulators are ideal assistants for maintaining muscle mass in a tightened state, to lose excess weight, to give the body its attractiveness and harmony. Depending on the purpose of the equipment (for professional sports halls or for the house), they differ in form and characteristics, but, nevertheless, the task remains one - to work out the weakest muscles and load on those parts of the body that need to be corrected.

Strength Trainers can be divided on: fitness machines with their own weight (horizontal bars, bars), weight-lifting machines (benches with a bar), simulators with built-in weights (the goods move along the guides). Work on your body with strength training equipment can be done in fitness rooms, but some may not be satisfied with a constant waste of money for a subscription and time to get to the sports club, poor hygiene in public halls and other reasons. So they choose to study at home.

To date, it's quite easy to createhis house a full-function sports hall, and for this you do not need to buy a bunch of different simulators. A simpler and more effective method is the power simulators, which are a complex consisting of various types of devices for physical training. Such simulators are called "power stations". They combine several simulators at the same time, thereby reducing the area required to install the simulator. At power stations, you can perform exercises such as chest press, flexing and extension of legs, butterfly, biceps draft, exercises for the development of the internal muscles of the legs.

More inexpensive pleasure for studying at home is dumbbells and barbells, a standard set for exercise. It is the dumbbells and bars that allow the development of various groups of back muscles and the press. It is very important to select them correctly, because for effective physical training it is necessary to gradually increase the load, which means that dumbbells and barbells should have the property of changing pancakes. The qualitative design of dumbbells and bars is the most important factor that affects the safety of occupations and their effectiveness.

The range of power simulators is very large. Strength simulators can vary significantly in terms ofcost, functionality, reliability. Therefore, when choosing equipment, first of all, decide what functions they will be useful for you, which muscle groups you will regularly train, what loads are needed. Pay attention to the dimensions of the power simulator. Evaluate where you will use it, whether it will constantly fold or stand stationary.

Training on such equipment require regularity, gradual increaseload and correct exercise. The degree of load you can determine on the test session. The workload on the power simulator should be approximately 65-75% of the maximum possible load for you, the number of repetitions - no more than 20. Do not allow excessive overloads, as this can cause injuries.

Kinds of fitness: power trainers
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