Types of fitness: tai-boSeven-time world champion in karate Billy Blanksin the early 90s of the last century he developed his technique of fitness training, in which he combined elements of dance aerobics, kickboxing, taekwondo and, directly, karate, accompanied by vigorous musical compositions. This complex was named Tai-bo and at the beginning of the XXI century, gained immense popularity, having bypassed even classical and step aerobics.

Tai-bo is a kind of martial art witheastern ethics, the philosophy and strategy of the warrior. Therefore, taibo is more fighting aerobics. In the US, most women are now engaged in this type of fitness. Why? First, tai-bo is a great way to quickly burn calories, and, secondly, modern methods of self-defense. For a month of regular training you can lose 4 kilograms of excess weight (about 650 kilocalories per hour are burned). Properly chosen exercises are a good fat burner without diet and medication. Also, with the help of tai-bo in the body the potential of active life, vigorous spirit and strength of the body is laid, there is a constant release of adrenaline into the blood.

In addition to physical activity is very important and psychological attitude. It is achieved by means of specialrespiratory exercises, which originate from wushu and tai-tzu. Meditation is still necessary. Daily practice of combat techniques is a good emotional tempering for the body. The person is improved, the fighting spirit awakens in him.

As a result of tai-bo training Your body will become sturdy and beautiful because ofactive simultaneous work of several muscle groups; trains the cardiovascular system; fatty interlayers decrease; flexibility is improved, strength and endurance increase, good reaction and balance appear; Also, you gain knowledge of the elements of self-defense and eventually can cope with stress. During training, you will not only practice punches and kicks and learn to dodge strikes, but also get a good mood, because tai-bo combines beautiful choreography and incendiary music.

If you have thoroughly decided to do tai-bo, your body initial training is required. To do this, it is desirable to be like 1-2 monthsStep-aerobics classes. When the muscles get stronger, you can start tai-bo. To do this you will need any sports uniform, or T-shirt and shorts, always made of natural fabric. Shoes with non-slip soles and good cushioning. Be sure to decide on the time, the main thing is regularity, without missing training. Only in this case there will be a positive result.

It is necessary to conduct classes slowly, but surely, then there will be no pain in the muscles andunpleasant sensations. Usually classes begin with a warm-up in the rhythm of step-dancing movements, running. Next are endurance exercises and in the end - stretching. After that, the basic movements. It punches and kicks on the punching bag and random moves and jumps. At the end of the classes, the energetic pace of the exercise goes into the so-called "fighting dance", thanks to which the breath is restored.

There are different directions based on tai-bo, which are now being studied in manyfitness clubs. For example, KIBO, A-Box, Aerobox, Kik Box, Body Combat and others. The main differences between these all kinds - in the format of lessons and the predominance of any elements (more punches or kicks, etc.).

Types of fitness: tai-bo
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